Libya – Supplies continue to arrive at the front. So much supply, the
German CinC can only look on in envy and curse his own tortuous lines of
communication. Front line forces are shuffled about and carefully stacked,
ready to attempt to break through the Axis lines.

Algeria – To the cheers of the population, British infantry and Tank units
arrive at Algiers. The are shuttled to the frontline to join French and
Free French troops at the new defence line behind the town of Bordj bou
Arreridj where they immediately set about digging in and preparing a wicket
for the inter-Corp cricket competition the force commander hopes to run.
Large gaps exist in the allied line and to try and forestall any Axis attack
and distract him from the newly arrived British, the French commander
re-occupies Philippville, even though this puts his troops out of supply.

The 90th Light and 55th Sav XX are rebuilt and sent into Algeria
where an out of supply 15th Pz and supplied 133 Lit XXs attack and destroy
the weak Casablanca XX before advancing to contact the new British/French
line west of BbA. (4:1 +3 AECA, -1 Rough = DE) At Philippville, Italian
infantry and aircraft retake the city, destroying the valiant French
defenders. (3:1 = DH)

Jul II 1942

The 44 HC XX arrives in Algeria and joins the frontline with the
8th Spt X at the new line behind the mountain range west of BbA where French
and British troops have fallen back to. Along the coast, a defence line
just outside Bougie is set up in the mountains by French infantry. In
Libya, engineers and construction units frantically build advanced airstrips
for use by the Desert airforce while more supplies pour into the region.
The Australian CinC Middle East announces that everything is going to plan
and he has Jerry on the ropes. Despite this, there is ongoing pressure from
Whitehall to complete the drive on Tripoli and relieve the French.

The frontlines are silent while rear area forces struggle to bring
supplies to the sharp end. Other than this, the guns are silent.