“Mein Fuhrer and Il Duce,

Glorious and everlasting success for my Panzer Armee Afrika! Soon all of
Algeria and Morocco will be mine and I can return to Libya to re-conquer
Egypt. As I outlined earlier, my plan has been a complete success against
the French. The current British incursion at Alghelia is temporary and I
will soon contain it…. trust me.

There has been a report from a U Boat off Algiers that British tank and
infantry brigades were observed off loading, but I discount this as mere
hysteria by the Kriegsmarine. If it is true, it will only delay my advance
to Casablanca by a couple of weeks. I estimate two weeks to destroy the
French, fours weeks to secure Morocco and another four weeks to commence the
recapture of Tobruk and onto the Nile.

Yours sincerely,

Field Marshall Rupert Von Wilhelm”

Comment: The fall of Malta was determined as being needed to free up the
aircraft currently tied up bombing it. Also this released the Spec Ops
Italians which gave me a few extra units to throw about the board when I
elected to hit Tunisia and Algeria. With Allied units short on numbers to
send to Algeria, I have been able to dig deep into Algeria, over hopefully
better terrain to defend in when November comes around. Besides, the French
are pretty weak, and after watching Syria, Iraq and Iran fall earlier in the
game, I felt that I should have a chance for some deep exploitation
movement. The problems of getting AS to the front line, especially for the
Allies at Aghelia has given me a bit of breathing space from the massive
forces the allies have gathered in the area. The problem is I have been
burning most of my supplies in Algeria!! This is the first time I’ve
actually violated Vichy neutrality in a game before as the axis and it seems
to be panning out quite nicely, but British units are soon to be in Algiers.