Weather – no change

Soviet Player Turn

The whole strategic reserve is released and Uncle Joe peers at the situation
map in the Kremlin and can’t locate Leningrad for the mass of cardboard.
Some are railed north to the front NE of Ladoga while a reorganised stack
and reduced stack again go in against 4717 but again fail (3:1 -3 = AS). In
order to relieve Kubmo the 17th XX, 214 Para-Inf X and 56th Art X attack the
2/KR Ski III* in forest on the border and destroy the Finns (7:1 – 3 = DH)

Allied Player Turn

No guerillas are available for call up by the Finns as the only hexes Soviet
owned are Soviet occupied. RAF Blenheim bombers and heavy fighters arrive
at Turku while more troops pour ashore at Narvik and into north Sweden
(Royal Engineer demolition officers are caught by local police photographing
the ore facilities enroute to Finland and the Foreign Office explains to
Stockholm that the British are irrepressible tourists and will photograph
anything) AA arrives at Bergen and the Fleet positions itself astride the
North Sea. In Finland little happens with the Finns awaiting the western