S,S,S,W & R,R

Sweden and Norway

In response to the actions in Finland, a partial call out is made of
reserves and civilians form up at depots throughout Scandanavia. The
mobilisation is influenced by local German diplomatic personnel who point
out the threat of Allied incursions into Scandanavian territory so Narvik,
Mosjoen and Trondheim are focused. Berlin plans to send forged orders to
these units ordering them into the hinterland in case German forces should
need to arrive at these ports for “security” purposes.

Soviet Player Turn

Several units released from the strategic reserve are diverted to the front
around Medvezhyegorsk to prevent the Finns cutting the precious rail line

Tampere is again subjected to bombing runs but agin AA carves up the
attackers – 3 groups are aborted. NKVD operatives interview air planning
staff to determine if counter-revolutionary sabotage is to blame. The
Rodina’s air woes continue with strafing runs on Lappeenranta Air base
failing to have any effect.

The 12th XX is attacked and a glorious proletariat victory occurs with the
Finns being thrown back in confusion (3:1 – 2 = DR). The defenders of
Medvezhyegorsk attack but are held up by the poor weather (3:1 – 2 = AS).

The clearance of the Mannerheim line begins with attacks on the
fortifications in 4717. Despite valiant efforts the Red Army is checked –
for the time being (3:1 -3 = AS)

London and Paris

In a joint communique, the Allied Governments indicate they have determined
that the security of Finland and the protection of Scandanavian territorial
integrity is vital to western interests. Chamberlain announces that a
British Taskforce is to be dispatched to Helsinki immediately and warns
Berlin that any interference will be met by the full weight of the Empire.
The French mutter something about not letting the English get away with all
the fun and announce the committment of several brigades and regiments of
Chasseur Alpins. (Rolled Snake eyes). Helsinki citizens are delighted at
this Christmas present.

Berlin and Moscow are outraged and denounce this intervention in a regional
affair, Berlin is confident however that Sweden and Norway will block any
access through their territory.

This smug illusion of security is totally shattered when the Monarchs of
Sweden and Norway welcome with open arms the request for transit rights
through the two nations. Comrade Stalin swallows his pipe while Adolph
throws a hissy fit of dictatorial proportions and considers re-writing basic
Aryan philosphy to exclude anyone north of Bornholm island.

[This was a titanic blow early on in the game – Finns stand at 1 DP, rolled
two 1s for intervention followed by two 6s immediately after – no loaded
dice in this game! Suddenly I’m looking at trying to get 34 DPs on the
Finns while the Atlantic is rough and most of the Baltic ice bound limiting
any German intervention.]

French Artillery and the 2 CA III arrive at Petsamo while more French
artillery and the 5CA III arrive at Narvik. The 44th XX breakdown into
supported Xs and lands at Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim causing Berlin to
ask how are these troops movements related to protecting Finland? “Moral
support” is the answer from Whitehall (followed by a “damn your eye’s for

The Finns send the 9th XX into the fortifications at 4717 while in the north
the Soviet 163 XX is surrounded by Ski units and guerillas.