Game: Fire in the East/Scorched Earth

Scenario: Full Game

Optional Rules: Rules as RAW except I am to call for the air as required rather than run a separate air phase more for convenience as anything else. I will use most advanced and only a few optional rules and certainly will exclude the optional Partisan rules which are a game in themselves.

House Rules:   I do not have any house rules but try and avoid “gamey” play such as forming a supper stack of broken down PZ regiments  or allowing the Soviets to abandon to a man the Western part of the country.

Axis Team/Soviet Team: Ken Newall in Solitaire play

Game Played: April 2018 –

This will be on a superficial level not nearly as detailed as the recent FHTBT because  I am less confident that my grasp of the rules would stand public scrutiny and also life is getting shorter and I hope to end the game before I myself end!