The Belgian 3rd Corps takes over the defense of Ypres from the French. The French build up in the Reims area in preparation to throw back the German thrust to the Marne. Some pulling back of troops north of Verdun shortens the French line and consolidates the defense in the area. Entrenchments are dug wherever possible, about one fifth of the front line is now better than fieldworks.

The attack in the Reims area cuts off the German 1st Hv Cav Corps and isolates it with the only losses as 2 German Manpower Points.

The Bavarian 6th Army reacts to gather another attack on Nancy. The attack crushes the French 20th Corps and Nancy falls to the German onslaught. The factory is captured by the Germans. The French lose 11 French Metropolitan Manpower and 22 Equipment Points.

Tom: I was willing to sacrifice the units in both Antwerpen and Nancy to try to hold the factories for the Nov I 14 production cycle. Unfortunately, Nancy fell quickly. The encouraging note is that the CP has almost no resource points left. Most of my army HQs have at least one resource point, some have two left. The number of attacks by the CP is definitely going to have to decrease, or the odds may shift in my favor with my troops in combat supply while his are not. The isolation of a cavalry corps near Reims could be very good for me. I shall have to wait for his response on that one. The only vulnerable places right now are Antwerpen (only a matter of time) and Verdun. I really need to hold Verdun for the French morale. With his supply situation and the weather about to turn, I could hold onto Verdun until the spring or summer offensive. By then, I could try to push him back in the area or something else may come up. The other point of danger is Lille. Lille is in the front lines but is well defended and the CP is spread too thin to attack it anytime soon. With all ground troops quartered attacking it, Lille is a hard nut to crack if it is sufficiently defended.

The Central Powers concentrate for an attack on Antwerpen, the Verdun area, near Reims, and beyond Nancy. With limited resource points, the actual attacks are at Antwerpen (no combat supply) which succeeds with the capture of the factory and the destruction of the two Belgian divisions left to hold it, an attack beyond Nancy which bloodies the French defenders, and a desperate attack near Reims to reconnect with the isolated cavalry corps which got lucky and succeeded. The total loss for the Central Powers was 22 German Manpower, 10 Wurttemburg Manpower, and 17 Equipment Points. The loss for the Entente was 14 Belgian Manpower, 33 French Metropolitan Manpower, 9 French African Manpower, and 35 Equipment Points.

The Belgians are the only ones to react and there is no exploitation performed.

Carl: A bloody combat phase that benefitted the Central Powers. The Entente has lost two factories this turn and the French morale is down to 261.5! A good turn overall for the Central Powers. I would like to capture another French fortress in the south, that would weaken his defenses further and keep his morale down. Now that Antwerpen has fallen, I have to concentrate on Lille. The factory and the rail deteriation effects are just too much to let the city alone. It is tough to take it, I will have to see if I can threaten to cut it off from Paris. The weather is about to turn so I do not know how much further I will be able to go. In addition, I have only 3 resource points left. Nov I 14 production is next turn, but it probably will not be enough. It is almost time to slow down operations until spring.