The entire Entente Naval transport capacity removes 3 Belgian 1st Line divisions, two Corps HQs, the Army HQs, and a fortress division from Antwerpen and lands them in northern French ports. The reorganized and rebuilt BEF takes its place on the front line defending a two hex front near Amiens. The French 5th Army defends from the channel to the BEF. From the BEF to Reims is defended by the French 8th Army. From Reims towards Verdun is the French 3rd Army. The French 4th Army is defending the Verdun area. The French 2nd Army is defending Verdun to Nancy. The French 1st Army defends from Nancy to Epinal. The French 7th Army defends from Epinal to Belfort. The entire line (with only a one hex exception) is in fieldworks or fortresses. The construction engineers are positioned for quick use next turn when entrenchments become possible. The defensive line is solid, but weak in several spots. The Germans have forced a large pocket between Verdun and Nancy, threatening to encircle Verdun and capture Nancy.

The Entente decides to pass on combat and the Central Powers graciously passes on the Reaction Movement and Combat Phase (only a rear area Army HQs is activated!).

Tom: I could live with the Central Powers failing reaction rolls like that! A nice breather. It will take another turn or two to totally evacuate Antwerpen. I would like to get the Belgian engineer unit and the other two 1st line divisions out of there before it falls. I think the extra troops in France are more important than the distraction to the CP. The average defensive strength of my defending corps is 33.3. The average attack strength of the CP front line corps is 51.4. Not a good ratio across the front. His +1 DRM for the better NW also adds to his advantage. At least the BEF and the Belgians are now ready to help the French defend in France. I expect Nancy to fall soon. I think I can hold Reims, Verdun, and Lille for now. It depends on what he concentrates on.

The Central Powers units dig in. Some movement of forces to strengthen some positions and prepare to attack near Antwerpen, Nancy, Verdun, and Reims. The attack on Antwerpen fails to carry the fortress, but the Belgians have heavy losses. Nancy holds against the Bavarian 6th Army. Verdun has another hex taken just to its north. The German attack near Reims reaches the Marne just to the west of Reims.

The Central Powers lose 26 German Manpower, 3 Saxon Manpower, and 16 Equipment Points. The Entente lose 21 Belgian Manpower, 35 French Metropolitan Manpower, 7 French Colonial, and 13 Equipment Points.

The French 8th Army is able to react and plug the hole in the line near Reims. Other armies prepare to send more troops to strengthen the French forces near Reims.

Carl: The breakthrough near Reims is definitely the current focus of the campaign. The Entente will have to plug the hole and may have to counterattack in the area to push me back. The other areas (Verdun, Nancy, and Antwerpen) are progressing slowly in my favor. Each adjacent hex I capture gives me the capability bringing more offensive power to bear against them. I am adjacent to Lille, but I will wait until Antwerpen falls before trying to capture the city. I may find it easier to try and reach the coast behind Lille and cut it off from the rest of France. My Resource Point pool is very low. I am having to carefully decide where to attack in order to not use too many of them for combat supply. Fortunately, the Entente has not been able to afford a counterattack of any sizeable strength against me so I have not had to expend very many resource points in defense.