The weather has cleared, but Zone D continues with Winter weather. Great news picks up the morale of the Entente as Italy enters the war on their side. An interesting event where Zone D (most of the Western Front) is in Winter while Zone C (the Alps) is in Mud weather.

The Italians advance against both Trient and Triest. The Italians are at maximum odds but most of the attacks are with -4 die roll modifiers due to weather and terrain. The Austrian border guards are forced to retreat in a few areas (notably around Triest) but the Italians are halted in their attacks towards Trient. The Italians lose 2 Manpower and 17 Equipment points.

The German 2nd Army attacks the British 1st Army causing some casualties but the British hold the defensive line. The Central Powers lost 32 German Manpower, 10 Bavarian Manpower, and 22 Equipment points. The Entente lost 22 British Manpower, 8 Canadian Manpower, and 4 Equipment Points.

Tom: There I was with visions of an Italian blitzkrieg, much like the Central Powers marching through Belgium, and then nothing happened in Austria. I am adjacent to Triest and Trient, but it is obvious that the terrain and the weather is just too bad for a very good advance (especially with the 6:1 Mobile CRT ceiling). Obviously, the Italian front is going to go slower than I had hoped. In the meantime, Carl is picking on the British now. All of the March production manpower points are already gone into units. The French are stronger now and may have to defend more of the line and allow the British to consolidate for a while.

All is quiet on the Western Front as the Austrian/Hungarians rush up to defend Triest and Trient. On the French line some shifting and rebuilding occurs, but the Central Powers are looking forward to the reorganization of the German army starting next turn.

The Entente breathes a sigh of relief in France. The Italians react with the 3rd Army and tries its attack towards Trient again. The Austrian defenders mow the Italians down as they attack and the Italians lose 12 Italian Manpower and 1 Equipment Point without anything to show for it.

Carl: I definitely needed a breather on the French front. The Austrian/Hungarian front is more stable than I had feared. I think that his successful activation of Italy was too soon, at least weather-wise. The Italians will have a hard time slogging through the Alps and Trient should be able to hold. The worry for me is Triest and its factory. This could be a bad loss for the Central Powers if the factory falls to the Italians and halves the Austrian/Hungarian production. I have not yet sent the Bavarian mountain divisions to help, but it is possible that I may have to do so. They should stop any hope the Italians have of advancing too far.