The Entente rebuilds their line behind Lille. The Belgians now have a single corps holding Dunkerque. The French 1st Corps is between the Belgians and the two British armies. Some more movement of reserves to strengthen the area is all that occurs during the turn.

The Central Powers continue their attacks near Lille with an assault on the British 1st Corps. The British are able to reinforce the line and bring the odds down one column. The Central Powers lost 14 German Manpower and 34 Equipment points to the Entente’s 20 British Manpower and 13 Equipment points.

Tom: I had hoped for some peace, but Carl is continuing to put more pressure on my forces. Although the British morale is high, their manpower situation is not good. He has almost taken the Belgians out of the war, the French morale is low, and now he looks to be going after the British. This could get very bad very quick. My morale is slipping almost as bad as the others.

The Central Powers shift more forces into the Lille area to face the British. They attack the British line, the British 1st Army is out of resource points so they will not have combat supply. The British 1st Corps is shattered. The British 3rd Corps is reinforced with an Indian Cavalry division and it holds with heavy losses. Total losses are 8 German Manpower points versus 8 British Manpower, 5 Indian Manpower, and 17 Equipment points.

The Entente react by sending a French corps moving towards the Lille area to help bolster the French and British defense of the area.

Carl: The attacks on the British were kind of a last minute decision. I had thought to wait and rebuild the strength of the army back up and for better weather. But there I was with a good odds attack on the British 1st Corps in my reaction phase. This used up the last of the British resource points for the area and gave me good odds against two British corps. The losses that the British suffered will take a long while to replace.