Initial Iraqi force dispositions:


Kirkuk (21A:3904):

1 x 1-6* Inf XX 2

Baghdad (22A:2825):

Iraq capital marker

1 x 1-2-6 Inf XX 3

1 x 1-6* Inf XX 1

1 x 1-0-8 Lt Arm X 1

1 x Mxd 1A2 1/8

Diwaniya (22A:3623):

1 x 0-1-6* Inf XX 4

Rutbah (21A:5023) [stony desert road crossroads hex, owned by pro-Axis Coup Iraq]

1 cap-permanent airstrip

Note: the Iraqi Rail Cap is 4.

Allied movement, commentary, and end of turn dispositions:

Middle East:


Arrive from East Africa:

1 x transport counter (1 RE)

  • Per Rule 40A3-Allied Reinforcements, this unit arrives at any Red Sea hex “along the east edge of [Western Desert] map 19A.” It then expends 48 naval MPs to arrive at the Allied-controlled major port of Haifia (20A:4710), leaving it with 6 MPs. From Haifia it first admin moves 12 hexes eastwards along transportation lines to Trans-Jordan ravines road hex 20A:5106. In the exploitation phase it spends 10 MPs moving East along the same road to ravines road Trans-Jordan/Iraq border hex 22A:5128, where it ends the turn stacked with the 2-1-8 Cav X 4.
  • Note: This unit is brought in for the necessary conversion done in the special ME/“Iraq Campaign” Scenario.

In Palestine at the beginning of the turn:

Rough terrain road border hex 19A:4608:

1 x 2-1-8 Cav X 4

  • In the movement phase this unit admin moves eastwards along 16 transportation line hexes to ravines road Trans-Jordan/Iraq border hex 22A:5128, where it ends the turn stacked with the newly arrived Reinforcement transport counter (1 RE), which has already moved its maximum overland limit, I believe.

In the Central Iraq region:

Habbaniya (22A:2828) [end of turn dispositions]:

3-cap permanent airfield

1 x 0-1-4 Static II 1 As (Col)

1 x Audax 1A1 1/8

  • Both Allied units become Red U-1 this Allied initial phase. Per Rule 38J4 “if a coup occurs…Iraqi territory is no longer Allied-owned and is treated as being Axis-owned.”

1 x Glad 3F3 0/8 [air transfers to Habbaniya from Egypt near the end of the Allied turn; specially brought in for the special ME/ “Iraq Campaign” Scenario]

In the Southern Iraq region:

Allied Conditional Reinforcements

Iraq Coup Reaction Forces

Coup Turn 2/Apr II 41 Allied turn

Near East:


1 x 8* Inf XX HQ 10 (Ind)

1 x 1-8 Inf X 20 (Ind)

Basra (22A:4313) [end of turn dispositions]:

Allied standard Supply Terminal marker

  • The new Allied standard supply terminal is opened in the movement phase per Rule 12C1a after the Ind 1-8 Inf X 20 disembarks at Basra and thereby gains hex control.

1 x 0-1-4 Static II 2 As (Col) [moves hex from Shaibah (22A:4314) to Basra]

Shaibah (22A:4314):

3-cap permanent airfield [Allied controlled]

22A:4218 [clear terrain secondary rail line hex; end of turn dispositions]:

1 x 8* Inf XX HQ 10 (Ind)

1 x 1-8 Inf X 20 (Ind)

Commentary: Both Conditional Reinforcement units arrive from the south edge of map 22A at Persian Gulf all-sea hex 5109 and spend 11 naval MPs moving to the dot city/major port of Basra (22A:4313). With its remaining 6 MPs both ground units then regular move westwards along the secondary rail line to clear terrain secondary rail line hex 22A:4218. Later in the Allied movement phase Basra is opened up as an Allied standard supply terminal and a WitD “half moon” Supply Terminal” marker is placed there. With the Allied capture/ownership of the Iraq dot city/major port of Basra, pro-Axis Coup Iraq’s rail cap falls to 2, from 4. Beginning next turn the Allies will have a rail cap of 1, with Basra as their rail marshaling yard. See WW Rule 7A5a-Capacity Gain/Loss Due to Rail Marshaling Yard Capture.