This was a 2nd play-test of WitD into GE43.  The 1st play-test lasted until Feb II 42 when it became obvious how flawed the Allied strategy of trying to stop the Axis at El Agheila was.  In this 2nd play-test the Allies strategy was to improve Tobruch and then fall back into a series of fort lines west of El Alamein.  The Axis strategy for this play-test was the same as always, to press eastward to Alexandria and at least bottle the Allies up at El Alamein by Nov 42.

Game: War in the Desert / Second Front / Balkan Front

Scenario: Home-Brew Grand Europa ’43

Optional Rules: Lots

House Rules:

Artillery stacking increased to 3 RE:  Minor help to the Axis attacking Tobruch.

Bengasi is a Standard Port:  Can’t become a supply terminal.  No help to either side.

Garrison Types:  Minor help to Allies.

Arm:    Arm,  Lt Arm,  Mech Cav,  Mech Cmdo,  Recon,  Res Arm, Tank Trng
Inf:       Inf,  Mot Inf,  Mtn,  Para,  Para Inf,  Repl,  Stc,  Trng
Eng:     Cons,  Eng,  RR Eng, PL Eng
any RE:  any units except Position AA

Levant:  No Vichy Levant Table rolls, assume Levant joins the Allies when the Axis invade France after Torch.  The Free French unit 2FL is full Dec II 42 and 3FL is full Jan I 43.  Minor help to Allies.

Morocco:  US Garrison from Jan I 43 to Mar II 43 is 2 Arm REs, 3 Inf REs, and 3 any REs (see Garrison Types above).

Near East:  Assume no Iraq revolt.  Reduce British Near East Garrison requirement for HQs to 2 on May I 42 and requirement for infantry to 6 on Jul I 42 (per what was in the Near East according to the OB).  Because the Allied player controls both the Middle East and the Near East the player may re-direct reinforcements arriving for the Middle East to the Near East and for the Near East to the Middle East.  Minor help to Allies.

Royal Navy:  Assume calm seas Dec I 40 surprise turn and the TF has a strength of 6 (historically Barham, Valiant, Warspite, and 7 destroyers bombarded Bardia, enough to be a 16-pt TF).  Minor help to Allies.

SF’s Intrinsic AA for units: None for Axis non-c/m divisions nor for either side’s cadres.  Minor help for Allies.

SF’s Unit Sizes:  Except for attack supply calculations, which helps the Axis who have many 2 RE divisions and need to conserve their attack supply.  Minor help to Axis.

Tobruch Attacks:  A player may reduce any AEAH, and AR result against Tobruch, when it is an improved fortress, to an AS.  In return the attacking player must allow the defending player to expend 1 attack supply to supply the entire defending stack when the attacking player expends attack supply to attack Tobruch.  Huge help to Axis.

US Inexperience:  The US may start assembling divisions at the rate of 1 per turn starting Jan I 43.  Minor help to Allies.

Axis/Allied Player: David Tinny – Solitaire

Game Played: 2018