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In preparation to upcoming additions I’ve started moving pages and posts around: Mainly the pages on TEM and all other publications related to Europa are moving into the new library section of the Academy, whereas the Arsenal will be for information on the game exclusively. This was more of an effort than I thought – while those nifty widget-based editors are great for editing, copying content is practically impossible, so I basically had to move and swap pages and then repair permalinks and navigation menues.  I also expect to severely loose some google rank because of moving content and other errors. However, screw google rank, its not like I will lose thousands of visitors a day – I dont have those. I am actually quite grateful the temptation to earn money with the site is never there, and so I will never start to think of articles in terms of SEO, maximizing reader engagement or chopping content into bits and pieces to create more page hits.

Anyway, expect some errors while browsing, and if you are missing information on how to play Europa on a Computer or where the ETO, LOC or TEMs are now, look in the library.

Oh, and I have two new link entries! And about 1000 (yes, you read that right!) pictures from a game report in my media library that need to be processed and published. But thats for another day.


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Greek War of Independence

A History of the Greek Revolution – Turkish Rule

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Battle of Greece

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World War II — Turkey

The Duke of Edinburgh

Greek civil war
Greek Civil War

General Reading
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28th October 1940: “OXI” (NO) DAY – the day Greece –