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Only a short note today – small updates to the Glossary (a recent discussion of the Popofski maneuver made me finally fill out that article, and I´ve also added a small paragraph on AT guns, even though most other unit types are lacking any description. Additionally, Todd allowed us to publish his two newest posts on the DJ05-game report. Enjoy!


  1. Mark Owens

    Content Management: It appears that in the new KriegsArchiv arrangement, several of the pointers/links appear ‘lost’ or incorrect.
    In particular, the first two WOR AARs appear ‘lost’ entirely.
    Please review and re-hook/link if possible.
    I was going to point a friend in the direction of the WOR replays to fire him up for a campaign start…..and they weren’t there.
    Thank you very much for maintaining this site as it’s one of my main go-to locations for EUROPA/GLORY/TGW information and replays.

    • chef

      Thanks for reminding me. I will try to fix before TW comes out. Maybe faster :)

      • Ted Cook

        I finally found you. I’ve been addicted to these games for even 20 years longer than you, as far as I can derive your past from my review of your site, but I am both impressed and envious of the terrific work you have done here. It is a shame TW does seem a chimera, but so, too, do the Pacific theater games promised in GLORY– love the China one, but no Manchuria!, but i was very pleased to see the OVER THERE coverage. I was always a “fan”, perhaps I can say ‘collector’ of Europe, and enjoyed the two or three times I actually got to play the Germans drive Nach Osten, or the Defense of the Soviet Motherland with a dear friend in San Francisco or London or Tokyo, but the MONSTER games are where I always wanted to be, but who can devote a room to them as my dreams of my future accommodations when in College, which it seems always assumed I would have –perhaps just down the hall, between the Library and the Billiard Room. 6-mat rooms or 3rd floor bedsitters were not then in the picture. And then board gaming died… Well two entire collections later, one abandoned in San Diego for a move to NYC, another in Tachikawa, Japan for a move back the the US, I am accumulating again– perhaps just to admire them as an age when many colleagues are retiring approaches. Military History remains the love. Thank you for your site and the fun I had discovering it and you.

        • chef

          Thank you very much for your kind words and encourangement! I do not have a lot of traffic or visitors here, and its nice to know that occasionally someone enjoys reading what I have collected over the years. Europa seems, unfortunately, on its way out, but as long as the reports are coming in I will post them. Again, thank you, and let me know anything I am missing (I know some of the game reports still need fixing).

          • Lee

            I really enjoy your site, please don’t give up! Do you have a list of Europa players or clubs? I recently move to Virginia (Shenandoah Valley) and I have not been able to find a gaming group. I know you are busy, but a section could be helpful to gather information on fellow gamers.

          • chef

            Thanks for your kind words! I do not have a list of any Europa clubs or players I´m afraid, but I think your best bet would be posting at the Europa Group over at Yahoo, which is still pretty busy, and to which such requests are posted infrequently. As to matchmaking here on the website, this would add another layer of complexity since I would have to create user accounts and all in order to protect everyones privacy. As long as the Group exists, I think it will serve the purpose of connecting players just fine. Good luck with finding gaming partners!

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