I agree, its been a while since you’ve heard from me. I hope to dig out two new game reports in the future, as well as to revive some of the Generalstan-members, who’ve seem to be busy on other fronts as well. Most of you may have witnessed the great strife on Lysator, for you others out there, the short form: After the attacks on WTC on the 11th Sep. a big political discussion broke out on the Europa-mailing list at Lysator (europa@lysator.liu.se). After some weeks the designers of GRD and a lot of people who were sick of arguing back and forth about stuff that had nothing to do with Europa or gaming went to create a moderated mailing list based at Yahoo (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EuropaAssociation/). I went over to Yahoo as well, and as I found 30+ mails a day enough for me, after three years it was: bye, bye, Lysator. Thanks again for all the good times there, but it was enogh for my for now.

News from the Military Database (MHDB): The database is up and running, the edit-mask is in its alpha-version and some of the scripts already work. I’m still learnung, however. I hope to be able to present a working edit-mask until June, and until September we might actually see some pages here generated by the MHDB.