Yes, I admit, its been a while. Finishing university (after all those years), getting a job and all that kept me way too busy to think about updates for a long time. But in the end my interest in military history never left me, so here we’re back, and I hope to be able to revive the Generalstab a bit.

Doing the redsign you see here took most of the spring time, and even yet its not halfway finished, which you will easily be able to tell if you try to access this page with the Internet Exploder. So bear with me, my friends, till I’ve sorted out the troubles or most beloved browser has with standard CSS. In the following weeks I hope to be able to bring in some new material as well, even though I did little writing on military subjects in the last years. Others, however, have, and I’m counting on the Europa-community that has contributed so much for this website to provide more articles and comments!