Axis Player Turn

The Axis commander elects to hold onto his troops for one more turn rather than leave Greece undefeated. This allows the Spherkios line to be attacked and the defenders soundly spanked (4:1 +2 = DH). Mountain troops cross the Pindus Mountains to harass the retreating Greeks but an AS is the only result. In a surprise move the 1st Sturm Glider and 1/7 Para Regiments land at Khania in Crete, destroying the Greek defenders (5:1 = DE). The Allied Commander is outraged – Greece isn’t even defeated yet and sky gangsters are already trying to take Crete!

Allied Player Turn

On the mainland the 1st British Armoured and 21st Greek Mountain reach Patrai and the British exploit to Korinthos. On Crete the Greek Militia is moved from eraklion to Rethymon, in doing so it uncovers the 14th British Infantry Brigade who have been having a jolly little holiday totally forgotten by Allied High Command. They are quickly given their marching orders and sent to Rethymon also.