Weather conditions throughout the theatre remain the same, at sea the conditions calm some what but remain rough and tumultuous.

Glomma Valley

The security troops of the Hird Brigade relax along the road side during a break in their march to the front. Pickets have been posted as early warning while the Brigade commander has headed north to liase with German units the Hird are expected to fight with in the next few days. Dozing troopers are startled suddenly by rapid gunfire coming from the east and west. Unknown to them, Norwegian Guerrillas have marched overnight to attack the Hird. Through the wooded terrain, the Guerrillas can be seen in a mixture of Norwegian, British and Civilian clothing. Lightly armed they they inflict a terrible toll on the Hird soldiers, but also suffer terrible losses themselves in a bitter fraternal conflict neither is willing to end. SOE operatives send a call through to London asking for Air Support to help the Norwegians. A personal directive from Downing Street sends Sunderland Flying Boats across the sea to deep into Norway, where their bombs make all the difference. The Hird are demoralised and surrender en masse to the Guerrillas, only half of whom remain following the terrible battle on the banks of the Glomma.
(4:1 -1 EX result)

North of here, the Canadian 2nd XX and Engineers push through the resistance of the 710 Static XX, 196 cadre and 1/72 Hvy AA II to drive down the Glomma. The German force is pocketed as the 3rd Canadian breaks up into brigade battlegroups and the 15th Scottish and massed Artillery and USAAF airpower slams into the Germans. AA fire from the Germans has no effect on the Allied air cover and the Germans are thoroughly destroyed. The Allied C-in-C is pleased, but the Canadian and Norwegian governments question the cost with the loss of the 1/3 Cdn X and the Norwegian Mountain Battalion.
(Odds not recorded but HX result)


Allied frustration grows as the US troops again fail to take the city. Cases of frostbite are reported as becoming more frequent by unit Medical Officers and morale is low in the infantry. The Tank Battalion guarding the straits send frequent requests for assistance as the German battlegroup advances towards it. The tanks are confident they can hold, but the cost may be high.
(2:1 – 2, AS Result)

Oslo Airfield

LW crews prepare their newly repaired Ju 88s for take off. Justifiably proud of their efforts to return to service, the bombers are prepared to once again strike at the Allied fleet. A sudden phone call from the 181 XX at the front east of Bergen alerts them to the sighting of a large swarm of British fighters heading in their direction. Frantic shouts and orders to get the Ju 88s cleared from the runways and in some protection of to get them aloft to fly to another airfield arrive too late. P 51s scream in at tree top and, with guns blazing, tear up the airfield and one of the newly repaired Ju 88 wings. AA return fire is feeble and uncoordinated. The P 51s return to their base in Bergen for some cocoa.
(Airbase raid – abort Ju88)

Glomma Valley

The German 25th Panzer cadre occupies positions on the east bank of the Glomma River, its mission to block the Canadian thrust down the valley. It is joined by a Mountain XX to its north who occupies mountainous terrain. Both forces are relatively weak when compared to the remaining strength of the Allied Army. Further north, German troops are pulled back from the mountains to the south. The German commander has decided that it is better to lose all of Central Norway than to try and cling in the mountains too long and lose Oslo.

Oslo/Stavanger/Narvik Airfield

Local Luftwaffe commanders are rounded up at midnight by Gestapo and Military Field Police. The abject failure of the Luftwaffe to launch any air attacks on the Allied Fleet is condemned as criminal behaviour. Later investigations by internal investigators uncover a complete failure of the central Luftwaffe command to organise and coordinate the operations for this period. The potential damage to the Allied fleet can only be wondered at by the German C-in-C as he digs in deeper in Oslo.
(Completely forgot to use the LW here, at this stage I was on my fifth or six scotch, not that I believe it was responsible mind you!)