Rome + 10
Paris + 7
Brussels + 3
The Hague + 3
Oslo + 5
Copenhagen + 10
Vienna + 7
Prague + 7
Madrid + 3
Hex of Berlin + 10 each
Per German city captured + 2 each (note conurbations count as one city)
Capture/surrender of German Govt + 10
Capture/surrender of RSI Govt + 3
Capture/surrender of Italian Govt +3
Capture/surrender of Spanish Govt + 3
Each axis naval point sunk + 1


Paris retained after Sep 44 -1/turn
MR1 retained after Sep 44 -1/turn
Brussels retained after Sep 44 -1/turn
Rome retained after June 44 -1/per turn
Rome retained after Jan 45 -2/turn.
Swedish Govt relocates or is captured/surrenders -3
Madrid held 6 turns after allied invasion -10
European Capitals occupied at end of game (as per list above) -2 each (note Russian advance doesn’t affect this – German player gets VPs for cities that Western Allies fail to occupy)
Each Allied strength point or air unit in Replacement pool -1 per 2 strength points or air units
Each Allied Naval point sunk -1
Ruhr conurbation able to trace supply line to another German city after March 45 -3/turn
Allied failure to maintain Spanish garrison -1/region (see below)


  • Copenhagen VPs are high because it looks bloody hard to get there and if the Allies can capture it then they deserve the points. The same applies for Prague and Vienna.
  • Madrid and Spanish govt is low because on paper it looks very easy – also to force the allied player to question whether it is really worth invading to get these low VPs.
  • Rome is high and the penalty for not obtaining it is due to the symbolic value of the city.
  • The bonus for the German player in retaining Paris and MR1 is the resource point generated in these areas and to reflect the need for Germany to maintain the economic income from these areas.
  • The VPs deducted for maintaining contact with the Ruhr is to punish Allied players who fail to break into the Reich. Like wise the reward for capturing German cities is an encouragement to get stuck in to the Germans.
  • The one off bonus for Madrid being in Axis hands is to encourage some sort of defence of the Iberian peninsula rather than standing at the Pyrenees – although again this must be weighed up against the potential drain on resorces from Italy or France.
  • The big points are for Berlin as this is the seat of Fascism and as these VPs are about territory and destroying Hitler and Il Duce (and Franco if so desired) Berlin was seen as being important.
  • The VPs deducted for allied losses are less to reflect the “crusading” nature of the conflict for the Western Allies (the idea being losses don’t count as much when your in a holy war) and to force the German to try and hold objectives longer rather than run away to the Westwall.