Axis Player Turn

In Italy units pull back slowly, obviously attempting to reach the security of the more defensible terrain further north. Engineer units behind the mainline frantically construct some airfields to receive the bulk of the units stationed at Foggia.

In Spain the hurried mobilisation of forces begin, but it rapidly becomes clear that Spain is a big country and with the method of the British invasion threatening several sectors at once, units are scattered about with no definable defence lines set up. German help is hindered by the rail network which construction units struggle to repair without threatening the work that is underway in the north of France to repair the ongoing damage there. Franco is also suspicious when the German units on the border only advance a short distance to protect San Sebastian or reach the south end of the Pyrenees passes. Only around Barcelona do the Germans enter the country deeply with a couple of Panzer units joining the Spanish Mountain forces in blocking off Tarragona. An attack on the defenders by Spanish infantry and Civil Guards earlier failed to dislodge the paratroopers. Seville is reinforced and some units are shuttled to join the Germans around Bilbao. The single Spanish armoured XX is sent northwards from Madrid towards Burgos to threaten the British beachheads. Under Himmler’s direct orders, the SS LrSt PzG X motors its way into Calatylud.

Allies Player Turn

In Italy the Americans launch an all out attack on the German Panzer units south west of Andria. In a gruelling battle the German Pz are virtually wiped out (EX) and following up their success, the US motorised and tank units push north past the remaining 24th Pz Cadre to outflank a corp of miscellaneous units at Foggia.

In the Rif US and Indian forces with heavy air support wipe out the last defenders in Ceuta, driving them into the sea. In Andalucia, the city of Granada falls but Seville holds out – Jerez is taken and the British begin to gather around Seville. From Valenica a motorised 8th Indian XX with Armoured X support pushes north to the Tajao River to attack and force a bitter exchange on the defending Spanish XX with attached ants. Tarragona is reinforced by sea, the Spanish navy failing to sortie from Barcelona. In the Austurias, Oviedo falls to a massive British attack while the Guards Arm. XX swings behind the Spanish/German line to seize Vitoria and threaten San Sebastian by pushing to within 32 miles of the town. The Canadian infantry join up to defend Bilbao while the Canadian Armoured XXs sprint out of the beachhead on the north coast to seize Valladolid. It is then noticed by the Falangalist government that the earlier emptying of the Madrid barracks had left the city defenceless. Added to this the mountain passes to the north were unmanned. Franco panics and call for urgent German reinforcements – even by air if possible! It is too late and the sudden appearance of the 5th Canadian Armoured XX with attached motorised artillery overruns the city and captures Franco and his cabinet. Hitler has bit of a roll around on the carpet and curses himself for not spotting what his generals should have advised him about earlier.