C, C

Axis Player Turn

The Luftwaffe melts away leaving few servicable units to contest the skies. WK VI, VII and XVIII and the Netherlands Garrison are called out. A withdrawal is made to behind the Albert Canal. A strengthening of the Westwall in the north is made, the mountain passes over the Alps are blocked and a withdrawal made to Tieste and the Ljubjana Gap. Another hasty line of defences is thrown up running from Stuttgart to Augsburg.

Allies Player Turn

Mopping up occurs in Italy of stragglers while at Innsbruck the Allies are beaten off by Rserves and Training units. Attacks towards Augsburg drive the defenders back towards the city while at Esslingen a battlegroup based on the Das Reich XX hold off the Guards and Canadian Armoured Corps. Metz falls to the Brazilians and Portuguese in a sneaky conga-line attack.

In Belgium, an attack across the Albert Canal makes a breach courtesy of the RAF maintaining air dominance. The new Tempest aircraft murdered the LW heavy fighters (a sight that was a terrible beauty to behold – successive snake eyes rolled to the anguish of the LW commander) and the Allied GS pushed the odds up high enough to destroy the enemy. Antwerp is also seized, unfortunately the port is destroyed by the retreating Luftwaffe and Eastern Troops.

Elsewhere disbanding of several Polish and British units occurs to try and get some extra RPs.

Forde, in Norway. The 6th Airborne XX, Belgian and French SAS parachute into the town from their bases in the islands off Scotland. Surprise is total and the area secured without loss. The war has come to Scandanavia at last! Berlin threatens to unleash a wave of super weapons on the impudent Allies! King Haakon promises the restoration of democracy to Oslo via radio from London.

In the exploitation phase, there is some shuffling about Innsbruck and Augsburg is entered. Ominously for the defenders of Stuttgart, the 79th Armoured XX funnies arrive outside the city. Nijmegen is entered by US Motorised forces.