S, M, M, M, C, C, C

Axis Player Turn

In Italy a slight pull back occurs to the canal intensive zone south of Anzio. The German commander is confident that with a solid wall of two divisions per hex in Italy any Allied break through is minimal and can be controlled. In Spain all crossing points into France are securely defended. The region looks fairly strong, but will it be strong enough?

Allied Player Turn

In Italy an exploratory attack by US units on the Adriatic coast is called off when no result is seen to be likely (AS) and the Poles and New Zealanders advance cautiously to the new German line making sure their flanks are covered and ATEC available. in Spain, the chagrin of the previous fortnight’s debacle keeps the British to their barracks and instead actions in France are confined to a massive air campaign that targets the transportation network. The MTO and ETO strategic forces join in and around 17 hits are made, cutting off southern France from the rest of the theatre. These hits, along with the ongoing campaign being waged from England and Corsica, are crippling the German ability to move effectively by rail.