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Axis Player Turn

In Italy a few units slip into the mountain passes leading across into France while the Arno line is strengthened. Theatre Command designates La Spezia a National Socialist hero city and forms it into a western redoubt, anchoring the line against the Allied advance.

In France around the allied beachhead at Cannes a slight withdrawal is made. Toulon is abandoned to its fate with 2nd rate troops holding the fortress while Marseilles is garrisoned to hold as long as possible. the cadre in Lyon is strengthened by the arrival of a SS PzG XX and Tiger battalion while the area around Clermont is abandoned as the Loire line is reinforced as more and more infantry units arrive. Around the smoking beachhead on Bolougne the Germans withdraw 16 miles to avoid a three hex attack on their position to the boos and hisses of the watching allies. From Dunkirk, V-1 rockets scorch across the sky and impact into London docklands, requiring Fighter Command to beef up its defences.

Allied Player Turn

Calais is assaulted by US infantry and engineers who destroy half the defenders and force the remaining Eastern Troops to flee along the coast.

At Nantes a joint Canadian-British attack surrounds and destroys the defenders, cutting across the mouth of the Loire and threatening Brittany. Around Tours several attacks wipe out some German static units unfortunate enough to be caught in the growing British advance in the region. Stragglers around Clermont are gobbled up and spat into the dead pile.

A French attack across the Rhone west of Avignon fails to dislodge the German defence, especially annoying is the Aborting of 4 GS aircraft by a single LW AA unit.

The beach head around Cannes is expanded further as toulon is assaulted for a HX result and the Paras push north west towards the Rhone over the broken country side.

In Italy, caution is thrown to one side as the border is crossed from France to outflank the German line.

In the mountain passes several defenders are crushed while Pavona is overrun by the South African Armoured and other motorised odds and sods while a Motorised 82nd AB XX attacks and seizes Genoa.

At Festung La Spezia, Poles, Kiwis and Brits attack the city and seize it courtesy of some heavy GS flown by the USAAF. So much for the invulnerable redoubt theory. East of Florence, Indian and Polish Mountain units force back the RSI/SS defenders in the mountains while on the coast of the Adriatic a US Corp treats harshly a joint RSI/PzG stack and blows it away for a HX.

In the exploitation phase Milan falls to the Springboks with Mussolini escaping just in time to take up residence in Trieste. The US 1st Armored and 34th Motorised Infantry enter Ravenna before swinging inland towards Bologna.

In France the Canadians advance to Nevers and the 7th Armoured to Dijon. The bridgehead over the Loire is expanded near Tours and the 1st Armoured enters Rennes while recon units enter an empty Brittany to seize some minor ports along the Channel coast.