S, S, S, W, M, S, R

Axis Player Turn

Italy – The Germans pull out of Cassino and from behind the Garigliano and withdraw to their new positions of forts and trenches just south of Rome and to behind the Pescara River. The position looks grave……

Spain – Massive reinforcements enter the battle line around San Sebastian and much to the Allies joy a couple of units from Northern France are shipped south to help bolster the defences.

Allied Player Turn

In Spain a joint UK/Canadian task force fights a winter battle with a Spanish force guarding the passes leading north into Galacia and EXs the defenders. Franco calls for Spain to rise up, but it is too cold and the population remains in doors.

In Italy engineering units begin to try and repair damage to bridges and rail lines while the Allies advance north after the retreating Germans. The call is made – Rome by the beginning of Spring!

Elsewhere massive redeployment occur of the airforces as Airfields are fully used in Corsica and Northern Spain, no transportation network in Western Europe is outside the threat of Allied airpower. In the Shetlands and Orkneys the airbases are upgraded and this fact pointed out to the Germans by some unsubtle Allied propaganda (finger pointing at the map and stating “These are to help me invade Norway.”)