Snow, Snow, Mud and Mud, all seas Rough.

Axis Player Turn

Spain – San Sebastian and the surrounding environs are strengthened and Pz Training XXs placed in Southern France as a reserve in case of Allied breakthrough. The large amount of Artillery received this month is scattered along the French coast allowing several divisions to be replaced with brigades and regiments.

Italy – Little occurs in the region.

Allied Player Turn

Spain – Off the coast of Barcelona the Spanish and Royal navies blunder about trying to locate each other for a second Trafalgar but fail to find each other to the disappointment of both CinCs. Caceres falls to a Portuguese infantry attack which forces the Spanish out of the city. At Salamanca the Canadian 2nd Infantry is left with a bloody nose in an EX result which gives the city to the Allies. Only the Galacian cities remain in Spanish hands in the west. Franco calls Churchill all sorts of rude names. Outside of Zaragosa Spanish pride is restored when two Canadian Armoured XXs with attached Motorised British infantry are stopped dead in an attack on a cavalry force (One 4-8 division and three 1-8 regiments). The “Barcelona Bugle” correspondent reports the Shermans were beaten back by the Spanish troopers swords thrust into the treads of the tanks. At Barcelona, British and French infantry are unable to seize the eastern half of the city despite a fourfold superiority in numbers. Franco calls “No pasarán!”

Italy – US Infantry pushes up the central mountain spine threatening the coastal positions (due to the low counter density in Italy compared to history, the central mountains were left unguarded by the German player, and the US infantry, stripped of artillery and other baggage were let loose to turn the Axis flanks). Elsewhere little happens.