The plan for the capture of the coastal seaside resort of San Sebastian was to drive north from the direction of Pamplona and cut off the town from the French border. This was achieved by Mola’s force of 35000 men in the eastern column under major Beorlegui. Here they drove a wedge between the city and the border town of Irun. Six days later the Espana and Almirante Cervera arrived and shelled the town. The Republicans threatened to kill Nationalist captives if civilian casualties were inflicted. The Nationalists called their bluff and the main assault was launched. The workers in the garrison well prepared and behind fortified defences made a good showing and gave hope to the Republican side that worker esprit de corps and well prepared defences could hold the line, but eventually Mola brought up artillery, assault engineers and the skilful  and feared legionaries. The result was vicious hand to hand fighting between the fanatics on both sides with the key Punza ridge changing hands several times.  One factor in the final loss of the position was the closing of the French border denying the defenders vital supplies. This did not stop French peasants reporting Nationalist artillery positions to the defenders but ultimately to no avail as the better equipped Nationalists stormed the centre and took the town.  But the victory was not without cost as half the entire Nationalist engineering corps was consumed by the fighting.

Nationalists Turn

Weather; Clear across land and sea
Supply:  Pamplona Pocket U3 Isolated. Some Republicans move to U2.
Replacements: CR.32bis (CTV) repaired.
Movement:  1 Res Pt expended to boost Rail cap to 21 REs

Air Activity Fighters fly transfer missions to redeploy to cover action at Zaragoza.

Naval Activity BBTF-1 CATF move offshore of San Sebastian and prepare for NGS

Attack1: 1932 rough/Dot city/fort (San Sebastian). Supplied 1-8 aslt eng G (CTV), 4-8 Cav XX, 2-1-8 cavs 1E, 2O (Col), 6-6 inf XX 3, 4-6 art 2RG, 2-1-8 art E, 2-6 inf 1Tet (Col) and 1-6 eng ZC, 3-6 inf cadre 13, 4-6 art 1RG, 2-1-8 art O and 1-8 MG Ard (CTV) 4-6 inf XX85, 4-6 art 3RG, 2-6 inf cadre 54, 3-2-6 inf 3LE, 5-6 inf XX 82 , unsupplied 1-8 eng CG, 1-6 eng ZMO  Plus 2 pts NGS Attack 2-3-4* inf XX2, 2-4 inf 14, 1-4 inf 4, 1-6 eng 2, 1=8 tk N, 0-1-4 cons 1, 0-1-6 art Ortiz(All Basque), 1pt garrison @ 5:1 (-2, +1) = HX. Lose ZMO, ZC, 1E, G (CTV) (R+2 VPs).   Advance 13, 54cadres, 3~LE, O art, CG, Ard (CTV) 1RG, 3RG.  Fort destroyed Garrison dispersed. ½ Rail Cap acquired.

Attack 2: 2833 Dot city (Zaragoza). Supplied 6-6 inf XXs 52,63, 152, 2-6 infs 10BT, 3Ceut (Col) , 3-2-6 inf 2LE, 2-6 art 4 Unsupplied 2-6* inf cadre 102 Attack  3-6* inf XXs 5,22, 2-6* inf 5Car, 1pt Garrison, 1pt pos AA @ 3:1 = HX,  lose 2LE, 10BT (Col). Advance 52, 63 XXs, 3Ceu (Col), 4P cadre 102.  Garrison dispersed. ½ railcap lost.

Attack 3: 2835 rough (West of Zaragoza)  Supplied 2-1-8 lt tk 2, 1-8 mech S, 5-6 inf XX 51, 2-3-6 art  62, 6-6 inf F (Mxd), 1-10 lt tk Dro (KL) 2-1-8 lt tk (Bab), and  6-6 XXs 4, 5, 105, 3-2-6 inf 1LE, 3-1-2 sge art Man (CTV) Plus SM.79-I GS Attack 2-6 inf 87C, 2-6 Nvl 54, 1-6 infs 11, 21, 40, 1-6 bdr3Car, 1-2-6 arts 3,13 @ 4:1 (+1, -1) = DE!. Advance Bab, (CTV) Dro (KL)2 lt tk,  S mech, 54XX.

Exploitation Bab, B (CTV), 62 art transported,  9ATc Transported tk 2, S, to 2935.  Dro, 88 (KL) to 3134 via 3135 destroying 2 vacant forts.


SEP I 38 Tactical: Breakout at Zaragoza

SEP I 38: Breakout at Zaragoza

Republican Turn

VPs : Lack of Goberneto collapse (+10 VPs)
French border; Closed
Guerrillas; Ineffective
Supply; Northernmost Republican spearhead investing Pamplona and Basque XX4 are U3
“Zaragoza Pocket” U1 Isolated”
Replacements; 4.5 SRPs, 2 SRPs (Bas)  recovered.   I-16/t5 Repaired

Initial Phase Air Activity; Nationalist repeat Harassment operation and inflict 4 hits each on 2632 & 2732  (NE of  Zaragoza).

Attack1; 3134 clear (SW of Zaragoza) Unsupplied  6-6 inf XX 2A 3-6* inf XXs 3, 72, 1-6 eng 7 and 3-6* inf XX70, 2-6 inf 15AL (Int) 1-2-6 eng (Cat) and 1-6 eng 2, 2-6 inf 129Eu (Int) attack 2-10 AA 88 (KL), 1-10 lt tk Dro (KL) @ 6:1 (-2) = DR. Eliminated no retreat path. (R+4 VPs) Advance  3, 72, 2A XXs