As the Nationalists offensive gains momentum so the Nationalist propaganda was expert in seeking out foreign intellectuals and opinion shapers  claiming that they represented the face of Christianity , Order and Western Civilisation against “Asiatic Communism” This position was reinforced by Soviet Russia’s participation and they forged documents alleging a plot of a revolution involving 150,000 shock troops and 100,000 reserves whereas in fact due to the slow attrition throughout the summer the  republic has practically no manpower reserves left to deploy.  What is particularly interesting indeed almost unique is that the final history of the Spanish Civil War was penned by the losers rather than the winners? Who will be writing the history after this variation of the conflict remains to be seen…..

For Whom the Bell Tolls: Oct I 1937

The Nationalists push South from the Penebetica Mountain range.

Nationalist Turn

Supply;  Aranjuez Pocket. Dro and Leg feeds off supplies 52 XX U3.

Outer hook of Anarchist Grenada envelopment goes U1.

Nationalist pocket SW of Catalayud  rolls for elimination and  1-8 lt 2 succumbs.

Reinforcements; All Divisions are equipped on arrival.

Replacements; No SRPs recovered. 1-8 mech S, 2-1-8 cav 2O (Col) replaced. CATF (2 hits) replaced.

6-6inf XX 102 formed.

Naval Activity: NTs transport Colonial troops to the mainland.

Air Activity:

Sorties 1;  CR.32bis (CTV) escorts Mxd A who stages via the newly captured airfield in 3910 on Airfield bombing mission to 4212 (Lorca). Intercepted by I-15/t25 who attempts to bypass the screen and is eliminated by CR.32bis (CTV).  (Nat +2 VPs) Mxd A  avoids AA and Hits Airfield aborting the R-Z on the runway.  (A very successful raid!

Sortie 2;  CR.32 avoids AA and bombs airfield at 3909 (Albacete) aborting the A-101 there.

Sortie3;  He 111B (KL) avoids AA but the He 45 (KL) is Aborted. Surviving He111B (KL) bombs but fails to hit Madrid airfield.  (I-16/t5 holds back waiting to intercept Transports flying supplies to Aranjuez pocket)

Sortie 4; SM.81 (CTV), SM.79-I (CTV)  Terror bomb Madrid but the feeble bombs fail to impress the local  populace.  (Still the I-16/t5 holds back)

Sortie 5;  Mxd T escorted by CR.32bis (CTV) flies supplies to Aranjuez intercepted by  I-16/t5 who attempts to bypass the CR.32bis (CTV) and is aborted. But only 2 of the GSPs survive the drop the rest being hopelessly scattered

(The Republican Air force now has less than 50% of its total complement on map.)

Attack 1;. 2713 fort.  (East of Madrid) Supplied 2-3-5 inf XX cac, 1-6 bdr 7Car, 1-6 infs 33, 27 and Unsupplied over river 1-8 lt 5, 1-8 mtn 8 and 1-6 mg E, 1-8 lt 4 and 3-6 inf XX 3PN (CTV) , 1-8 AA Vian (CTV) attack  2-6* inf 2Car (U4) @ 5:1 (-1) = EX lose 27,33. Advance Cac XX.

Attack 2;  3915 rough (S of the Penebetica Mtn range) Supplied 5-6 inf XX 54, 6-6 inf XX 152, unsupplied 4-6 inf XX 112, 1-8 cav 1, 2-1-8 lt tk Bab (CTV) with Mxd B attack 3-6* inf 22 @ 5:1 (-1) = DH.  Advance 152, Bab.

Attack3; 3410 fort (NW Albacete) Supplied 4-6 inf XX Mov, 151, 1-6 eng ZMO, 2-3-6 art 61, 2-6 inf Tdi (Col)1-8 mg Ard (CTV) and 6-6 inf XX 102, 1-6 arts 4L, 16L, 1-8 cav 6, 2-6 inf 2Mel (Col) , 3-1-2 sge art Man unsupplied 1-6inf 18, 1-6 sec 12GC with GS Ro 37 attack 2-3-5* infs 10, 42 @ 5:1 (-1) = DR. Advance 102XX), 12Gc, 16L. Fort destroyed.

Attack 4; 2510 mtn (SW Sergova) Unsupplied 3-2-6 inf 1LE, 2LE 2-6 art 4P, 5-6 inf XX 4 (Req), 7-6 inf XX 13 and 4-6 inf XX 15, 1-8 mtn 5, 3-2-6 inf 3LE, 1-8 aslt eng G (CTV) attack 2-6 inf Car, 1-6 art 14L (U4) @ 5:1 (-2) =  HX. Lose 3LE. Advance 4 XX (Req).

Republicans Turn

VPs: Lack of Goberneto collapse (+15 VPs)

French border; Closed.

Reinforcements: Supplies arrive unchallenged following the withdrawal and subsequent depletion of the Nationalist fleet

Replacements ;2 SRPs recovered..

Supply; Nationalist supply Dro and Leg from GSPs in the Aranjuz pocket.

Forts: 3 More constructed on the main East flank, 1 in Ezkudi

Attack 1: 2603 rough (NE Catalayud) Supplied 2-6* inf 5Car, 1-2-6*inf 24, 1-2-6 sec 8GA, 1-8 mtn art 1, 2-6 art 2P and 4-6 inf XX 34, 2-1-8 cav 1, 2-6 nvl 151, 1-6 art 8L attack 4-6 inf XX 2 (Req) @ 4:1 (-1) = AS

Attack 2: 2832 fort (W of Zaragoza) Supplied 3-4-5* inf XX 30(Cat), 1-2-6 art 10 (Cat), 1-5 inf 5 (Cat) 1-8 cav Buxo (Cat) and 2-3-5* inf XX 31 (Cat) m unsupplied 1-2-5 inf 2 (Cat) and 2-3-5* inf XX 33 (Cat), unsupplied 1-2-5 infs 1,3 (Cat) attack 3-4-5 inf XX 21 (U4) @ 4:1 (-1) = EX. Lose  1,2,3,5 (Cat) . Advance 37XX (Cat) , Buxo (Cat), 10 art (Cat). Fort destroyed