It is said that an army marches on its stomach.  Certainly a civilian population needs food to survive and support a cause.  The Food Committees had their deficiencies but their disbanding by Joan Comorera the Communist Governor did not improve the situation with hoarding and profiteering rife.  The communist groups blamed the agricultural collectives and food riots and unrest outside Barcelonan shops were increasingly commonplace often queues started at 4 o’clock in the morning. Increasingly violent methods were desperately used to maintain control with the Assault Guard often charging mounted into crowds and rifle butting hungry, desperate housewives. The communists then demanded that the Catalonian forces be disarmed and fully integrated into regular units. The POUM realised that they may be next and even believed in some circles that the People’s Front was hatching a secret plot to join with the Nationalist against them.   Andreu Nin leader of the POUM was perversely pleased that pressure was building hoping that the Anarchists would join him in an attack “on the counter –revolution”.  The battle lines of the so called “events of June” were being drawn.

FWtBT No 4 - JUN II 37

FWtBT No 4 – JUN II 37. Picture (c) 2017 by Ken Newall

Nationalist Turn

Weather: Clear/Clear, Clear/Rough in Atlantic

VPs; Republicans Gain 15 VPs for loss of Goberneto Collapse

Supply: No change

Replacements: 1-8 mtn 8

Air Activity: Mxd B cuts rail in 4015. Ju52 4ge Hits Lerida airfield aborting R-5. Cr 32 Bis (CTV) and Cr 32 Hit Albecete airfield.

Po.540 on Naval Patrol contacts SS-2 (CTV) but misses. SB-2 on Naval Patrol Contacts SS-3 (CTV) and Hits sinking a sub (+4 VPs)

Naval Activity; Nationalist Combat ships and subs (CTV) reposition further out at sea to minimise Naval Patrol interception.

Moves:  Nationalists considered very carefully whether to pull out of the salient @ 2835 (South of Catalayud) or counterattack 2802 or 2834.  In the event they decided to pursue the long overdue attack on the Basques and left an overrun proof delaying force in 2805.

Attack 1: 1932 rough/dot city (San Sebastian) Supplied 5-6 inf XX 4 (Req), 4-6 inf XX 3 (Req), , 1-8 lt inf 1, Unsupplied 1-6 art 12L and Supplied 5-6 inf XX 71, 1-8 lt tk LE, 3-2-6 infs iLE,3LE, Unsupplied 1-5 mech 1 Attack 3-4-4* inf XX 4 (Bas), 2-3-4* inf XX 1 (Bas) and 1pt unsupported garrison @ 3:1 (-1) = AR.

Attack 2: 2913 rough (“Toledo Pocket”) All adjacent Units Unsupplied Attack Isolated U1 2-3-5* inf 23 @ 5:1 (-1) = DR Eliminated as surrounded.  Advance 1-6 infs 28, 29, 1-8 lt 5, 2-3-6 art 61

Republican Turn

Supply; All in supply

Barcelona Revolts!. ½ SRP recovered from POUM disarmament.

Reinforcements; 4  Delayed Art RPs attempt to land at Barcelona 2 are returned.  4 Delayed ASPs attempt to land at Barcelona 1 is turned back.

4 Replacements: 2-3-5 inf XX 23 replaced. Mxd F Repaired.

Air Activity; Po540, SB-2, A-101, R-Z on Naval Patrol.  I-16/t5 hits Zaragoza airfield (2 hits currently)

Naval Activity; NT-3 transports 1 Res Pt from Gijon to Bilbao.

Moves:  All rolling stock is commandeered to move People’s Army troops to suppress the revolt in Catalonia.

1-6 inf 1Exp (Ast) , 4Exp (Ast) eliminated for over-stacking

Attack 1: 2835 rough (W of Zaragoza) Unsupplied 3-6* inf XXs 1,19, 2-6* inf 5Car and 3-6* inf 5, 1-6 mg 4, 1-6 sec 5GC, 1-8 mtn 6, 1-6 inf 13, 1-8 mtn art 1 and , (over mtn  hexside) 4-6 inf XX  47, 5-6 inf XX 15 (Int) and (over mtn hexside) 2-6 art 2P, 1-2-6* infs 21,24, 3-6* inf XX 24 Attack 1-6 infs 19, 30 , 1-8 cav 5 @ 4:1 (-1) =  HX. Lose mg4, 13. Advance 15 (Int), 6 mtn .