Turn 1: Jul II 1936

From the Nationalist point of view the most notable result of the variable beginning is that Logrono and Valladolid both stay loyal, which spells a lot of difficulties to our undertaking. However, there might be still a chance to decide this issue quicker than though. First we are going to isolate Malaga while collecting all available forces for quick stab at Cordoba. Opening the road into Andalusia will eventually lead us into the heartland of the Communists.

Another important thing will be to clear up our hinterland as soon as possible, to allow us to throw everything into the upcoming battle for Madrid. So we start to ship over the first colonian regiments, especially those wonderful LE regiments which are unequalled by anything the Loyalists have. Most of these thoughts remain plans for now, as the rest of the units is mainly busy with pacification.

During the Loyalist player turn anarchists spring up everywhere, one just wonders where they’ve been hiding all the time.