Once again 2LE was lead to victory, but at what price!. They had returned to the coastal mountains and attacked the Asturians holding the ridge. The attack was bolstered by troops from many units rushed to the jump off points overnight. Scouts had reported a weakness in the defence as the enemy artillery had been withdrawn to bolster a large unit reportedly assembling behind along the coast. HQ had decided to take advantage of this temporary weakness and a scratch force was assembled and rushed into the attack. The lack of preparation showed for although they took the ridge and now overlooked the coastal strip beyond they had suffered heavy casualties. Miguel had known Jose of the 5thReq from the start of Operation Eagle and despite Jose’s strange political views such as promoting a “Royal Papacy” they had become firm friends. The 5th had lead the charge up the slope and had been annihilated in the opening fire from the well concealed Asturians some of whom had constructed rudimentary dug outs and entrenchments. Goodbye Jose, sleep well.

FWtBT No 4 - Jan II 37: Tactical view: Republic moves down the Jiloca valley.

The republic moves down the Jiloca valley.

The Castilian winter was now at its fiercest and well known for the freezing winds pouring down from the mountains. The winter weather was making the republican militiamen’s life a misery. Woefully equipped many still having their worker’s boiler suites and rope soled alpargatas for footwear, which rotted quickly. Where it was warmer the persistent rain and consequent mud made keeping clean impossible at the front and trenches formed convenient latrines. This practice horrified the Internationalist many who having experienced the trenches of the Great War had far better trench displace and “personal grooming” habits.

Game Report

Nationalist Turn

Weather; Winter/Mud and Rough/Rough.

Supply: Seville feeds of GSPs and expends an ASP for 12 more GSPs.

3-6* inf XX van in front line so upgrade delayed. 2.5 SRPs recovered.

Replacements; 3-2-6 inf 1LE, 2-3-5* inf XX 3Mad, 1-8 mtn 4, 3-6* inf XX 2Sor, 2 X 1-2-6 arts 42 and 43.

Fort Built at 3822 (East of Zaragoza)

Air Activity – Nationalist Air Force comes of age!

The first Casualty of the air war; CR32 and CR32bis (CTV) survive 1pt AA fire and Hit Lorca airbase Aborting the A101 there.

He51 (KL) and JU52g4e (KL) Hit the rail line @ 3331

Mxd B and Mxd B hit the rail line  @3609 (Albacete).

Attack1; 1206 mtn (30 miles east of Gijon) Supplied 3-6* inf XX 1AV, 1-8 mtn 4, 1-2-6* inf 32, 1-6 sec 13GC, 2-1-8 art E, and 2-6 art 1P, 3-2-6 inf 2LE, 1-6  bdr 9Car , 1-8* inf mar (CTV), 2-5 inf 5 (Req), and 3-6* inf XX cas attack 1-4 infs 10, 9 (Ast) , 0-1-4 cons 1,  2 (Ast)  @ 5:1 (-3) = EX.  Loose mtn 4, bdr9Car, inf 5 (req) Advance;  1-6 sec 13GC, 2-1-8 art E, and 2-6 art 1P, 3-2-6 inf 2LE. Part built fort removed.

FWtBT No 4 - JAN II 37: Tactical view: The push from Jaen continues at a slow pace.

Tactical view: The push from Jaen continues at a slow pace.

Republican Turn

French Border: Open. Supply: Seville feeds off GSPs

Reinforcements & Replacements; Recover 1/2 SRP (Ast) , and ½ SRP (An)

Equip 3-4-4* inf XX ( Bas).Replace; 1-6 infs 2,9 & 1-6 art 5L and form 3-6* inf XX 2.

Replace; 1-5 inf 6 (Cat), 2-5 inf Dur (An)

Move: Engineers remove rail hits @ 3709 and 3732.

Attack 1; 3103 rough (Jiloca Valley north of Teruel) Unsupplied 1-6 inf 13, 1-6 mg 4, 1-6 sec 5GC, 1-8 mtn art 1, 2-6* inf 6Ch, 2-6 art 2P attack 1-6 inf 21 @ 8:1 (-2) = DH. Advance 6Ch.

Attack 2: 3716 rough/Fort (east of Jaen) Supplied 3-6* inf XX 10, 1-6 sec 9GC, 1-6 art 6L

Attack 1-8 inf 18, @ 9:1 (-4) = DR. Advance 3-6* inf 10 (fort destroyed).