Initial Phase: The Weather is clear in Zones D and E, Sea is calm in Atlantic and Mediterranean. All units are in supply. Spain generates 3 GSPs in Madrid and 3 in Sevilla.

The Axis uses 6 ARPs to bring back 2 Me109Es (1 from elimination), a Me109F a Ju87B and a He111H. The fighters appear at 2107, the Heinkels come on at Barcelona and the Stukas reappear at Lerida. 3 ARPs remain. 3 Me109s from Madrid 2710 and 3 from 2107 fly CAP over Madrid 2711.

Movement Phase: The final push is made on Madrid 2711. From 2414, the 7th Panzer and SS TK Motorised divisions come up behind the city to 2712. The 34th Corps moves into 2611, and is augmented by the 5th Infantry division from the adjacent 53rd Corps. This means that the 563rd Motorised At battalion must join the units in 2712. 2810 is occupied by the 66th Corps, and finally the last two units in the 63rd Corps split up, with the 52nd Infantry division joining the 53rd Corps, and the 57th division advancing to 3011.

North of Madrid, the 22nd Air Landing division moves in to the mountain pass in 2412 that has recently been vacated. Not far away, the 71st Construction regiment heads to the temporary airfield at 2207 (abandoning its own in 2006), freeing up the 604th Combat Engineer regiment. The 609th uses admin movement to head south to Tereul, alongside the 65th Corps. It is joined in the hex by the 674th Engineer regiment which is withdrawn from the Madrid sector. Lastly, the 108th Construction regiment moves west to join the 64th Corps in Madrid.

Along the Mediterranean coast, a flurry of construction activity begins. The 4th RR Engineer regauges 3627 and advances to 3628. Due to the rail break there, it cannot regauge the line in that hex. Close by, the 16th Construction regiment administratively moves up to Tortosa. Rail breaks are repaired in 33:3734 (by the 512th Combat Engineer regiment) and 23A:3702 (by the 519th Combat Engineer regiment). This allows the RR guns to move to 3702, in range of Valencia. The 512th Engineers then move to 3632 and the 519th shifts back to 3734.

Since the attack on Valencia will be delayed, the 62nd is detailed to head north to Tereuel. This is in order to destroy the units holed up in the mountains at 3404. As additional reinforcements, the 12th Infantry division is detached from the 65th Corps, and it moves to 3403. Also detached into the same hex is the 3rd Panzer and 133rd Motorised Heavy AA regiment from the 25th Corps. Airbase garrison units are also reorganised. The 604th Motorised Light AA battalion administratively moves to Valladolid, relieving the LW 151st Motorised Heavy AA battalion. This unit heads towards Valencia, stopping in 3203.

Combat Phase: The heroic Spanish air defenders of Madrid fly up in a desperate mission to save the city. A He111E and a British A-22 from Malaga attempt to bomb the assembly zones of the Germans that ring the capital. They are escorted by 2 CR32bis units and a Me109E. Unfortunately for the Allies, the skies are swarming with 6 Messerschmitts on CAP. All The Germans switch to interception. One fighter is allocated to each Spanish air unit, with 2 being sent against the British A-22s. Combat is fierce. The Germans shoot down a Cr32bis and the He111s, and return all other aircraft. However, the Heinkel gunners are on song and abort a Me109E (snake eyes rolled), while the surviving CR32bis aborts another Me109E.

In 23A:3404, 3 Spanish units are surrounded in the mountains. A Mxd attack bomber and a SM79 fly DS from Valencia. They are outside the intercept range of any German fighters. Accurate fire from German heavy AA guns is enough to ensure that the Mxd bombers drop their munitions wide of the mark. Force H in 3903 sends heavy barrages of gunfire towards the German positions around Valencia. No significant losses are taken but the Germans do not attack the city this turn, as they are waiting for more artillery and air support to arrive from the north.

Ground Support: With the skies cleared of Spanish aircraft, the German bombers are free to fly into Madrid unmolested. 5 Ju87s (1 stages from Lerida through 2207), 3 He111Hs and 2 Ju88s fly continuous sorties against the defenders holed up in the suburbs. The AA in the city is running low on ammunition and is unable to divert any of the bombers away from the battle. 16 effective points of GS make it through.

Combat: Madrid 2711 is surrounded on 5 sides by the German 34th, 53rd, 64th and 66th Corps, plus the 7th Panzer and SS TK divisions. With 16 points of GS they are worth a grand total of 95.5. The 91st and 61st Infantry divisions form the core of the defense, which is worth 18 points. Due to the fort in the city, the attack is 5:1 -1. In a crushing and coordinated attack, the German forces overrun the city at minimal loss to themselves. 6 is rolled, modified to 5 for a DE. Due to ZOCs, the 61st and 91st cadres cannot retreat. Two Spanish air units which are inoperative manage to escape but become aborted upon reaching friendly airbases. Due to the positioning of the German 57th division in 3011, all losses are isolated. The 53rd Corps advances into the ruins of the city. The 2 Ju88s rebase to Barcelona in the air return step, while the rest of the aircraft land in Madrids’ airbases.

Southwards in 3404, 2 regiments of Spanish Infantry and one artillery regiment have been caught by the Germans in the mountains. Italian made SM79s add ½ a point to the defense for a total of 6.5. Arrayed against them is the 62nd and 15th Mountain Corps, plus the 3rd Panzer division, 12th Infantry division and some smaller units as well. The attack total is 43. Although only a few bombers made it through, they are enough to shorten the odds to 6:1 -2. 5 comes up.modified to a 3 for a DR. ZOCs ensure that the Spanish are forced to surrender.

Exploitation Phase: The 7th Panzer and SS TK division move to cut off the 2 Spanish divisions northwest of Madrid by moving to 2613. Near Valencia, the 3rd Panzer returns to the 25th Corps in 2704. It is joined there by the 133rd and 151st Motorised Heavy AA battalions which move down from the road to the north of Valencia. The 34th Corps moves to seize the low volume rail line leading from Aranjuez to Valencia. It advances through Madrid, over the Jarama river, and as far as Cuenca in 3207.


  • Spanish Unisolated – 0
  • Spanish Isolated – 18+3 = 21
  • Spanish Air – 2K/2A
  • German Unisolated – 0
  • German Isolated – 0
  • German Air – 2A