Initial Phase: All units are in supply. All German bomber units switch to Naval Patrol. Partisan units launch coordinated attacks against rail targets in Lerida, Tarragona and Reuss in Cataluna. Faulty explosives mean that the attempt in Lerida fails but the other 2 attacks are successful.

Madrid and Sevilla generate 3 GSPs each. Valencia also generates 3 GSPs. The Spanish government relocates from Madrid hex 2710 to 2711. A Cr32bis is regrouped from the aborted pool, appearing in Madrid, which means another enters the eliminated box.

British and Spanish Engineers spend a resource point to build a fort in Jaen, behind the Guadalquivir river. In other construction activity, the permanent airfield in Ceuta is completed. Portugal completes its final turn of mobilisation (a bit later than scheduled, but there is no net effect on the game).

Movement Phase: British transports bring 6 points of position AA to Ceuta, escorted by Spanish capital ships. The naval group ends its movement in the North African port. Spanish transports 1 and 5 bring the Colonial IV/Tdl Infantry regiment to Cadiz, while the Can Coastal battalion unloads at Malaga. The transports end movement in their destination hexes and refuel. From Sidi Ifni, the Colonial Tdl Infantry regiment is delivered to Cadiz, to join the rest of the Tdl elements in the port.

Portuguese forces remain on alert. The 13th Infantry regiment joins the 2nd Infantry division in 1317. Meanwhile the town of Combra is reinforced by the 5th Cavalry regiment and 3rd MG battalion. The I Light Infantry regiment and 6th Cavalry regiment move from Braga to Porto.

The british 8th Artillery brigade moves from its position in Cordoba to reinforce the British armour in 3518. The 12GC regiment and 42nd Artillery regiment leave Madrid hex 2711 and rail southwards to Cartagena.

The joint Spanish and British Command staff decide that a reserve is required behind the Gibraltar outer perimeter. The 101st Infantry division forms the core, and it moves to Puente-Genil. It is joined there by the 2LE Infantry regiment from 3618 (which is mounted on a transport counter). Also forming the reserve is the 39th Infantry regiment and 2nd Bicycle battalion from Huelva, 8th Guardia Civil regiment from Jerez de la Frontera, and finally the 33rd Light Infantry regiment from Cadiz.

In the Cordillera Iberica, the units in 3402 have been cut off by the German 4th Panzer division. They decide to make a run for it, but due to mountainous terrain and a German ZOC, they can only move one hex to 3404.

3 GSPs are railed from Sevilla to Madrid. In Spanish Morocco, the ZMO Engineer unit moves into Tetuan. At Valencia, the 52Exp Infantry division moves out of the city to guard the flank at 3704. This will buy at least another turn for the defenders in the area. The CR32bis and He111E in Madrid 2710 rebase to 2711.

Now that the Spanish capital is in Madrid 2711, extra reinforcement is required. The 1st and 4th Construction regiments leave the city via rail to Jerez de La Frontera. In their place comes the 91st Infantry division, a powerful Spanish colonial unit from 3617.

Combat Phase: No combat

Exploitation Phase: No movement

End of Turn Summary

Madrid and Valencia are now directly under threat, and their fall will permit the Germans access to the Spanish rail net for tracing supply. In the air, a moral victory was had by the Spanish in aborting 2 aircraft for the loss of 1, but the new air cycle is about to begin. More important is the arrival of 5 British fighters which will be available next turn.


  • Spanish Unisolated – 0
  • Spanish Isolated – 0
  • Spanish Air – 0
  • German Unisolated – 0
  • German Isolated – 0
  • German Air – 0