Initial Phase: The Weather is clear in Zones D and E, Sea is calm in Atlantic and Mediterranean. The Axis moves to occupy Vichy France. In reaction, French Morocco declares that it no longer considers itself as a part of Vichy France and joins the Allies.

Movement Phase: The 15th Mountain Corps and 1st RR Engineer regiment move along the rail line through Pau, and end up in 2429. After the airbase at Pau is captured, a Ju87 from 1725 rebases there. 63 Corps heads southeast to 2625, via the village of Tarbes. 25 Corps, which is fully motorised, rolls down the railroad through Agen, then onto Toulouse before coming to rest in 2722. Upon the capture of Toulouse, 3 He111Hs from Nantes rebase there. 66 Corps heads across the open plains of southern France, past Auch to 2523. 64 Corps deploys into the front line at 2230. 65 Corps uses administrative movement to reach 2621, while 62 Corps uses a similar message to occupy Toulouse.

Combat Phase: No activity

Exploitation Phase: 25 Corps moves further down the rail line all the way to the coast at Port Vendres