Nov I 38

Insurgent Player Turn.

The rainy weather in the north expands into southern Spain (Mud in both weather Zones). The Rebels hope the bad weather will hold off further Loyalist attacks until a new defence line can be patched together. One immediate effect of the mud is that the Loyalists now have some bad supply problems. Had Merida not fallen, supply could have really become a disaster for the Republic. As it is, they really need to capture the rail line from Merida to Badajoz to resolve their supply issues.

A Ju52 is rebuilt. In an Insurgents raid on a Loyalist airfield (hex 2818), a Me109D kills an I-16, A Nationalist CR.32 aborts an I-15. All the bombers get thru, and though they only get 1 hit on the airfield which now has no aircraft present, the operation is a big success for the Insurgents.

Loyalist Player Turn

An attack on the FA XX and some supporting non-divisionals (hex 2421) brings on another big air battle as both sides again attempt to get in close support aircraft. Once again, neither side’s fighers are able to keep enemy ground attack planes from reaching the battlefield, though the Loyalists do make the Insurgents pay a price as an I-15 kills a Do17E and an I-16 aborts a CTV SM-79. Desperate to open the supply lines, and despite the poor weather, the Loyalist are able to destroy the Rebel force at considerable cost (4:1 -3 = EX).

Nov II 38

Insurgent Player Turn

Weather clears over southern Spain to the dismay of the Rebel leadership. The CTV SM-79 and the Nationalist Do17E are rebuilt. A withdraw to the next river line in Extremadura, the Tajo, is begun. With all the Loyalist fighers currently based in Extremadura, the Insurgent launch a big raid against Madrid with all their bombers and attack planes. Despite the lack of interceptors and ineffective AA fire, the raid fails to score a single hit.

Loyalist Player Turn

An I-16 is rebuilt. It is decided to change the direction of attacks in Extremadura and strike south into Andulasia instead of heading north. The withdrawing Rebels are followed, but by second class troops as the best units turn south. In an air raid on Cordova, an R-Z eliminates a Nationalist CR.32 which had chosen to remain at base and depend on flak to protect it.