Sep I 38

Insurgent Player Turn.

A Nationalist CR 32 is rebuilt and the 1 Sor XX converts into 19 XX. There are no good prospects currently for a counterattack so the Rebels concentrate on patching up the front.

Loyalist Turn.

The French border is closed again. The other SB-2 is rebuilt. The success in taking Almendralejo is followed up by an attack on 21 XX and supporting units to the east (hex 2721). With the 2nd SB-2 back in service, the Loyalists are now able to fly in DAS, which contrbutes the the easy capture of the position, with the supporting units sacrificing themselves to allow the division to escape (5:1 -1 = DH).

Sep II 38

Insurgent Player Turn.

The Nationalist R0-37 is rebuilt. As Don Benito is now nearly surrounded, the difficult decision is made to abandon it and fall back on Merida itse

Loyalist Player Turn.

An R-Z is rebuilt. Don Benito is occupied and attacks are launched on the 21 & 19 XX’s (hex 2621). This time, both sides get close air support, but the Loyalists are able to push forward (4:1 0 = DR).