May I 38

Insurgent Player Turn.

A Nationalist CR 32 is rebuilt, but a CTV CR 32 remains out of action. The 2 AV XX is upgraded to the 60 XX. An air raid on Madrid destroys a SB-2 on the ground.

The failed attack on the 6 Nav XXX and subsequent retreat of the Loyalist forces has left their 2 XXX almost surrounded (hex 2517). Franco orders that it be destroyed. The Loyalists seem to be withdrawing in good order but are hit by addition Rebel forces as they retreat and collapse (5:1 -1 = DR) (ZOC Kill).

Loyalist Turn.

The French border is reopened. An I-15 is rebuilt. Plentiful manpower and equipment reserves mean that the troops lost in the destruction of the 2 XXX are quickly replaced. Intelligence reports indicating that the Insurgents have even larger manpower reserves are balanced by news that the Rebels are still quite short on artillery and have difficulty equiping any units that they must rebuild.

Despite the failures north of the rail line, the People’s Army command orders the offensive to continue. The 15 XX and some supporting units are targeted (hex 2819). Once again, the Loyalist air force has only fighters operational, so only the Rebels are able to fly any close support missions. However, the DAS is unable to prevent the loss of the reinforced 15 XX, although the Loyalists take a fair number of casualities (3:1 0 = EX).

The Loyalists are beginning to have trouble getting supplies to the forces on the front lines of the offensive. There is no problem yet in keeping basic supply flowing, but it is becoming difficult to get the extra ammunition needed to sustain the attacks foward. To help improve the supply situation, several weak divisions (2-3-5’s) are pulled out of line and ordered to begin carting supplies forward.

May II 38

Insurgent Turn.

The Insurgents, having no real plan for offensive action in 1938 beyond a vague idea that it may be possible to renew attacks along the high-volume rail line leading eastward to Madrid, merely shuffle the lines a bit and await the opportunity to launch local counterattacks such as April’s attack on 2 XXX. Air raids continue to be sent out, mostly ineffectively, though at Madrid a KL Me109B aborts an I-16 which was trying to bypass it and get to the bombers.

Loyalist Turn.

An I-16 is rebuilt in what seems to be becoming a bi-monthly routine. The use of weak divisions to bring up supply allows 2 attack to be launched. In both, Loyalist air units are unable to keep Rebel DAS from getting thru, while there are still no bombers or attack planes available to the Loyalists. Still, the People’s Army manages to push back the 55 XX (hex 2920) (3:1 0 = DR), while to the north, heavy casualties are inflicted on the Rebel 54 XX(reinforced) (3:1 0 = DH).