Feb I 38

Muddy weather prevails in the north, the weather in the south is now clear.

Insurgent Player Turn.

The clear weather in the south brings on increased air raids. At Murcia, an escorting Nationalist CR-32 kills an I-15, while at Madrid, a CTV CR-32 and an I-16 abort each other.

Loyalist Turn.

The aborted I-16 is rebuilt. Loyalist troops are not quite prepared to launch their spring offensive. An air raid on Cordoba fails and an escorting 1-16 is aborted by a Nationalist CR-32.

Feb II 38

Bad weather returns to Spain–winter weather again hits the north while the mud returns in the south.

Insurgent Turn.

The Hue XX is upgraded to the 55 XX and the 3 Mad XX to the 24 XX. Even in the mud, air raids are continued. At Murcia, AA fire aborts a RO37. At Madrid, an I-16 manages to bypass an escorting KL Me109B and abort a CTV SM-79, though another SM-79 gets thru and hits the rail marshalling yards.

Loyalist Turn.

The mud precludes opening the spring offensive. The Loyalist forces conserve their strength and wait.