Nov I 37

The weather remains muddy in the north and clear in the south, bu the Atlantic is now stormy and the Med calm.

Insurgent Player Turn.

The 105th XX is formed and the 5th(Req) XX is converted to the 5th XX. The SM-79 is rebuilt.

The front lines are shuffled around somewhat, but no attacks are launched. With the Loyalist air force severely degraded, the Insurgents take a break from bombing airfields to pound the rail marshalling yards at Madrid.

Loyalist Turn.

An I-16 is rebuilt.

With no good opportunity for attacks, the Loyalist command begins to plan the next spring’s campaign. It is decided to make the main effort along the low volume rail line running to Don Benito and Merida. A successful offensive here would cut the Insurgent held area in two. Then, in contrast to the previous year’s plan of focusing on the north, attack will be launched against Cordoba and Jaen. Attacks in the north will be forgone in order to preserves supplies, except that at the far end of the lines, an assault on Oviedo will be attempted if local air superiority can be re-established.

Nov II 37

Insurgent Turn.

The weather stays about the same, except that both sea zones are now rough. The 82nd XX is formed. The 1st, 3rd, and 4th Requeted Divisions are converted to regular Nationalist divisions, and 3 Cav III’s are upgraded to the 1st Cav XX. The Ro-37 is rebuilt.

Not much is happening on the ground. An air raid on Madrid results in the loss of a SM-79, killed by an I-16.

Loyalist Turn.

Another I-16 is rebuilt. Preparations continue for next year’s campaign.