Sep I 36

Insurgent Player Turn

The 1 Cas XX is formed from the 1 LE III. Insurgent units in Aragon decline a chance to take a temporarily unoccupied Zaragoza and instead begin a withdrawl.

Loyalist Player Turn

Caceres is siezed form easily as it is held only by its intrinsic garrison (9:1 0 = DE). All cities in Estremadura are now Loyalist controlled. NW of Zaragoza a Requete X covering the withdrawl is destroyed as half of its militia runs away before the battle (9:1 0 = DE). Along the Madrid-Calatayud rail line a Cav III is also wiped out as the Loyalist Arm Car III is used to negate the rough terrain (6:1 0 = DE).

Sep II 36

Insurgent Player Turn

Rough seas in the Atlantic this turn. The loss of the rail hex the Requete X had guarded leaves Insurgent units in Navarra and around Logorno unsupplied. Three resource points are expended to build additional rail capacity. The VMS Cav X cuts across rugged terrain to reach the Tajo River across from Talavera de la Reina. This will cause supply problems for Loyalist units in Salamanca and Estremadura. Almendralejo is captured by a strong force (9:1 0 = DE).

Loyalist turn.

The French border is closed. Near Caceres, an Insurgent Inf III is hunted down (9:1 -1 = DH). South of Calatayud, an attack only succeeds in pushing back the Insurgents (6:1 -1 = DR).