Azana, Negrin, and the communists Togliatti and La Pasionaria fled to France to join ex-Premier Largo Caballero in exile. The government has ceased to exist (with the last gobiernito collapsed and Madrid Insurgent-held, the game’s surrender conditions were met). Franco’s troops entered Barcelona in a victory parade.

Meanwhile, the Republican leadership in Valencia succeeded in negotiating surrender under the condition of no reprisals except against criminals. The Nationlist troops entered the city, showered with flowers from balkonies in the middle-class sections, met with stony silence in the workers’ districts.

After more than two years, the war is over.

You will still receive the final victory-point count (to be confirmed by Elias) and a wrap-up to put the entire game. For now: it truly was an absolute great and exciting game which both Elias and I enjoyed very much.