Axis Player Turn

The 5th Mountain is flown to Khania and Rethymon is seized by the Germans with Ground Support (3:1 -1 = DR) – the RAF Hurricanes are lost in air combat.

Allied Player Turn

With only a few units left, Eraklion is held by the Allies and the only fighting is over who gets the last beer.
With the game ending here, the VPs were calculated and the Allies won with a marginal victory – mainly due to the successful evacuation of the Greek and Yugoslav governments and the holding of Crete.

Lessons learnt:

  • 1. A pile of brigades and regiments does not a divisional ZOC make.
  • 2. The 395R regiment is officially classed “Hero’ of the game for the AH result on the 16th Motorised Division.
  • 3. Yugoslavia is a dead duck when it comes to a well thought out attack.
  • 4. When bringing reinforcements into play, remember to use all of them – at game end I found that I had forgotten to deploy 50% of my Nov I units. They sat for all the game on the reinforcement track staring at me and I completely forgot about them. Naturally my opponent was well aware of this and had a dirty grin on his face throughout the game (the beer and port could have contributed here).
  • 5. Despite the loss of Yugoslavia and Greece by game end, I was ahead in Victory Points courtesy of Italian RE losses. Bless ’em.