Allied Player turn

Initial phase: Nothing really, though the allied troops do go U-2, reducing them to ½ defense strength.

Mov’t phase: All units consolidate in hex 0514 and promise to give as good as they get in the upcoming Axis turn. There being no airfields in the area, and the troops being tankers and Imperials, even the generals decide to wait till the end.

Combat & Exploit: None.

Axis Player turn

Initial Phase: All but 30 RE’s German of mountain, parachute and infantry units withdraw, presumably to become Jul I reinforcements in the just opened Russian front. The 15 VP hemorrhage finally ends. GSPs throughout the theatre put units into general supply. .5 German special replacements are earned, placed in Valona, and then the 1st III/7th Fallshirmjaeger XX is rebuilt at Valona. The Italian 1 B M/C III is rebuilt at Durazzo. This leaves only German units in the pool, 1 Mtn RE, 1 Inf RE and the HQ of the 7th Fallshirmjaeger. Centauro’s conversion is again delayed due to supply and zoc’s. Attack supply and GSPs are placed, though hardly expected to be needed. 1 ARP is spent to bring back the floatplanes again. There are 5 aborted German air units, 1 eliminated German glider unit and 1 eliminated Italian air unit still in the pool.

Mov’t Phase: Italian infantry divisions admin north to Albania, while others move south into the Peloponnesus or engage the remaining Allied troops holed up in the mountains. Lots of mountain troops and some German infantry, Centauro and odds and sods, complete surround the Allied troops in 0514. Remaining troops on Crete spread out to garrison the important sites until such time as the less mobile, less combat oriented types show up (after game…)

Combat Phase: With AA halved, it’s supposed that 5 Me 110’s/Ju87’s will be sufficient to ensure an 8:1 -2, thereby reducing any chance for further combat losses. Allied flak rolls no better than a 6, so all 5 get through unscathed to drop bombs on the Allied troops. A 1 is rolled in combat, but the poor roll doesn’t matter as it’s still a DR, eliminating all units in the hex. Huge numbers of Allied troops choose to surrender instead of being destroyed, boarding trains headed north for the stalags of Germany.

End of Game turn: Final VP count, except for end of game VPs is 22:4.

End of Game

VPs are added as follows:


  • +1 per Allied enemy RE in pool: +12
  • +1 per Allied eliminated air unit: +2 (assuming bombers in Egypt “surrender”)
  • +1 per two Allied aborted air units: +1
  • +1 per accumulated RP: +7 at Bari, +2 at Brindisi, +2 at Durazzo, +1 at Tirana, +3 at Valona, +10 at Koritsa, total of +25
  • Control of Greece: +20
  • Control of Crete: +10
  • Yugoslavia ends game neutral: +20


  • +1 per non Commando/Airborne Axis RE in pool: +1
  • +2 per Commando/Airborne Axis RE in pool: +2
  • +1 per Axis eliminated air unit: +2 (assuming gliders are “eliminated” for VP purposes)
  • +1 per two Axis aborted air units: +2 (5 units, rounded down to 4)
  • +1 per Axis NTP sunk: Should have been added earlier, as an event item, but forgot: None in combat, interference sunk a few (1 attack supply for 3 NTs sunk, 4 GSPs for 1NT, and 2 GSPs for .5 NTs, which I assume rounds to 0.) +4
  • Control of Crete: +10

Added to the previous totals the Axis had 112 VPs, compared to an Allied total of 25 VPs. Differential is 91 VPs for a decisive Axis victory.