Weather roll 2, Tokyo mandate roll fails.

Japanese Player Turn

The automatic lowering of the Tokyo mandate roll allows the invasion of Chekiang. Two divisions plus other units overrun a scattering of Chinese units around Hangchow and Shaohsing, and a regiment then exploits all the way to Chuchow. Meanwhile, troops run riot in Hangchow. Each coastal city has an SNLF regiment land next to it, and all fall. One of the two units in Ningpo survives on a DH. Simultaneously, the big attack on Nanking goes in, at 6:1(-2). Naturally, an EX is rolled, reducing a Japanese brigade. The troops go wild in front of the world press. The Japanese RT and an army HQ arrive from the north into Nanking during the exploitation phase. In the west, the fortress of Chenchiang is isolated, with a couple of adjacent 1-4’s being overrun. A reserve division and a LOC brigade overrun the 1-4 next to the narrow straits, and then, aided by naval gunfire, attack across them. They obliterate two divisions, and become the first Japanese units on the north bank of the Yangtze.

Chinese Player Turn

The SEF reacts. This causes no combat, as there is nothing on the south bank of the Yangtze for the units to attack, but allows some units around Nanking to march west.

The Chinese again spend a large number of resource points, and Shantung province becomes cooperative. However, Honan demands a bribe, and the Chinese refuse. As all Honan divisions are stacked with others, they are all disbanded; since there are no Honan replacement centers left, the faction goes away completely. A KMT guerrilla base goes active, in the Tai Shan (G1:2817).

The enemy corps centered around the Japanese 10th Light Infantry has managed to just resupply via the river port of Hantan, but that route is tenuous. The Chinese screening forces along the Shantung-Hopei border were not liquidated by the Japanese, and may be in a position to interdict Japanese supply lines once again. The Japanese 20th Light Infantry has turned the short flank at G1:2228, threatening the National Forces divisions behind Shihkaichuang (heading due west for the Niang Tzu Pass.) No activity was reported down the Tungpu rail line, and Japanese intentions here remain unclear. Plans. Activate three CCP guerilla bases (CCC, CCLE, Shnt). Interdict the supply lines of the 10th Light Infantry again. Withdraw forces west into the Taiheng Shan. Build fortifications in Kaifeng-Chengchow. Conduct sabotage on Japanese attack supply depots. Deployments. We have started a line along the upper Hoto, along Great Wall hexsides and the Taishien mountain village. Have moved a cavalry holding force to maintain the mountain flank at sector G1:2130, in order to screen our main force withdrawing into Niang Tzu. A line is formed of nominal factional units from G1:2427 to G1:2925 (Fan), temporarily grinding the 10th Light Infantry and its light armored escorts to a halt. The guerilla outposts manage to break rail lines and raid an enemy airbase.