Weather roll ???, Tokyo mandate failed.

Japanese Player Turn

0310 was overrun, and 0311 attacked and taken. In exploitation Ihsing (0411) was taken, and a 0-4 construction unit was overrun in 0312, but no attempt was made to enter the hex. On the southern flank, 0711 was taken, and 0712 was advanced into, momentarily isolating the Chinese units on this flank. Stating that I could find no better target, a torpedo attack obliterated the Chinese task force in Tsingtao. A regiment of the SNLF is shipped back to Japan. Suggestions are made that it is going back to a well deserved leave; for some reason, this suggestion is met with skepticism.

Chinese Player Turn

A large number of Szechuan forces arrive at the front taking up positions in front of the river, from 0412 to 0612. The isolated units on the southern flank ooze back a hex, so that they are in a line from 0610 to 0612. A 4-6 is left alone in 0211, and another one is immediately behind it in 0212. Artillery supported units are in 5012 and 5112, behind the Grand Canal. Engineer units are set up behind the river from 0413 to 0614. The Warzone HQ reappears and is placed at 0515. Yet again, no Japanese reaction.

The Japanese have enveloped a 3-hex pocket of Manchurian and Hopei factions in the canal intensive sector between Ting and Tzuya. There is a light Japanese drive down the Kucheng-Puyang road. The Japanese 10th Light Infantry and assorted forces have reached the north bank of the Hwang Ho, just in front of Tsinan. Plans. Try to break through to the Ting-Tzuya pocket using National Forces Divisions and attack supply (for the first time in the north) from the 1st National Forces War Zone HQ. The Chinese line in the Hwang Ho Basin Rivers should begin a withdrawal to the west to support the fighting withdrawal down the Pinghan, ultimately from Shihkaichuang. Deployments. On the main front, all movements are in support of the breakthrough to the Ting-Tzuya pocket, which fails at a 2:1 (-1), rolled a “1” (AH), although the bulk of the losses came from the now doomed pocket. As of yet, the Japanese have not indicated their intentions for the Tung Pu line, therefore light forces (Shansi Cavalry) are used to screen that line. In Shantung, Hopei forces are shuttled into Tsinan behind the front lines, on demolition duty in the face of the imminent Japanese crossing of the mighty Hwang Ho.