Weather roll ???, Tokyo mandate failed.

Japanese Player Turn

In the Japanese turn, 0407 and 0408 were overrun, as were the 1-4s on the left flank. Chiangyin was taken, and the 4-6s at 0209 were ZoCced and killed. Somewhere in here, the Chinese War Zone HQ was overrun.

Chinese Player Turn

Hunan went uncooperative; again the buy-off failed. The stack at 0509 retreated to the island in the middle of Tai Ho (0510), a weak stack was added to 0711, and an artillery supported stack was put behind Wuhsing (0611). North of Tai Ho, the Chinese line was 0311-0210-5111, with 0210 held by a pair of 4-6s, the other hexes being weaker. Again, no Japanese reaction.

With the Japanese invasion of Shantung, any Chinese units may now enter and defend the province, despite the lack of recent cooperation from the provincial government. The main Japanese line of advance appears to be their drive down the Tsinpu line, where they make only a little progress while having to mop-up along their flanks. The 3rd Japanese Light Infantry has captured Hokien (G1:1723). The 1st Japanese Army is now headquartered in sector G1:1921 along the Wei. The 2nd Japanese Army is at Kaopietien on the Chema. Plans. No change in plans from last month, except that the Hopei faction has been ordered into Tsinan to begin tearing up infrastructure in anticipation of Japanese occupation. National Forces Divisions are flushed into the prepared lines in front of Shihkiachuang. Deployments. Heavy reinforcements from various northern factions take up a position at the extreme right end of the main line. Delaying forces are deployed to the Kucheng-Puyang road.