Weather roll 6, Tokyo mandate failed.

Japanese Player Turn

Two SNLF regiments and some more GSP’s are sent to Shanghai. In the north, forces push over Yungling river. Kaopietien and Tshinghai are captured, and I think the Machang was crossed. Along the Mongolian railroad, hex 0725 is reached.

Chinese Player Turn

An air attack is made on Shanghai, resulting in one aborted CAF unit. Forces are moved into Shanghai, but 0405 (NE Shanghai) is held only weakly, with the two 0-1-4 Pao an units. Many beaches left open. Only eight 4-6’s and 6 3-5’s defend Shanghai. Two 4-6’s remain in Nanking, three 3-5’s are in Hsuchow, three more are in Pengpu, one is in Canton, and I have no idea where the fourteenth was.

We are experiencing supply difficulties at the extreme northwest end of the Chinese line (in Chahar). The Japanese have broken through our main line on their way to Shantung Province. Plans. CCP elements still heading east to the mountains. Due to the tenuous nature of the battle northwest of the mountains, and also between the Hwang Ho basin and the Gulf of Pohai, we can expect a fighting withdrawal along the Shihkiachuang-Chengchow line. Deployments. A strong response in the Hwang Ho basin. Available forces surround a Japanese “finger” invasion of Shantung. In anticipation of Japanese reinforcement of N.Chahar, a screen is thrown up along the Suiyuan-Chahar border. The KMT directs one of their cavalry divisions into the northeast corner of the Hwang Ho basin. Engineers are directed to Chengchow-Kaifeng to construct some critical forts. Four brigades each are formed in Honan and Hopei, and a single brigade is activated in Shensi.