Weather roll 6, Tokyo mandate failed.

Japanese Player Turn

Peiping and Tientsin both captured, with troops staying under control in both cities. A Japanese infantry battalion is killed in the attack on Peiping’s northern hex. The lower Hai is crossed in several places, but the Yungling, near Peiping, is not. The whole Peiping-Manchuria high volume railroad is cleared of Chinese units. Two terror bombing hits were made. An additional attack supply and some GSPs are sent to Shanghai.

Chinese player Turn

The Chinese do not go aggressive on the Central Front.

In the action for Peiping and Tientsin, nine Chinese brigades of the Hopei and other northern factions were eliminated. The Japanese now hold a bridgehead across the Yungting at Chiencnuntai (G1:1023), as well as across the Hai in front of Tsinghai (G1:1620). Plans. As the Japanese appear to be showing a strong drive up the Hwang Ho basin, the northern factions seem even more strongly intent on delivering it to the enemy. We should like to screen the IJA with Hopei and the other northern factions as KMT and CCP guerillas establish operations in the Wutai Shan, Taiheng Shan, and Tai Shan. Deployments. Twelve CCP regiments slog across the Liuliang Shan en route Taisheng and Wutai. KMT units rail into Shihkiachuang and Yangku, and are on the road to Lanchow. Brigades of the Manchurian faction begin demolition of the Peiping-Chengchow line. Hopei and other brigades man the Chema river line behind Pahsien and Kaopietien and attempt to establish a line on the Machang river.