May 38

Political Events

The KMT continues to convince the population that their management of the conflict to date has been succesful and the political index remains the same.

Japanese Player Turn

The 2nd Army lurches over the Kwo river line and seizes Kaiteng. The mechanised force attacks across the river at Pengpu, but dug in Chinese soldiers foil the advance. At Kaingtu the same happens as the 9/5 Mtn X and KS Cavalry are prevented from breaking the Chinese defences. The subsequent blowing of the Hwang Ho dams diverts the river and prevents further serious Japanese movements around Pengpu. Late in the month, the 2nd Army troops scuttle across the Kwo river and destroy numerous Chinese units caught in the open trying to flee to the sanctuary of the swamp bordering the new river line. In Kiangsu and North Chekiang, a series of bloody battles occur, again lots of EX and HX results cost the Japanese a lot of lives.

Chinese Player Turn

The Hwang Ho dams are blown and troops on the Kwo River flee towards the new line, most are lost when the Japanese catch them in the open. North of the Hwang Ho CA sptd XX’s and MNF XX’s and X’s occupy forts in rough/irrigation hexes to prevent a Japanese advance along the north bank. In Shansi the advance halts as it comes against numerous traitor and puppet units and their Japanese masters. In Kiangsu more unsptd CA XX’s are flung into the battle line to provide a speed bump for the Japs.