Jan I 38

Political Events

The stability level remains at 4, with the KMT Goverment hosting western embassy dignitaries at a new years ball at Nanking, assuring the diplomats that 1939 celebrations will also be held in the city next year. Confident that the 3rd War Front has the situation in hand at Shanghai, main concern is directed towards the situation in Shantung and Northern Kiangsu. New years celebrations with the western diplomatic corp are abrubtly halted when news arrives from Shansi that the local warlord has cited irreconcilable differences with the central government, namely the allowance given to communist forces to cross the sacred land of Shansi. Despite heavy commitiment of resources and treasury notes to the warlord, with a personal plea from CKC hinself, the warlord requests immediate removal of CA forces from Shansi. (Shansi goes uncoop and a number of Shansi/CA units go in the junk pile depending on stacking level)

Japanese Player Turn

In Shansi the unexpected change in political fortunes catches local commanders off guard, and few troops are available for immediate action. A couple of weakly held forts and units are destroyed by rampaging Jehol Cavalry units but lack of troops prevents any serious actions being taken. Troops from the 1st Army are commited to take Ladies Pass, and the vaunted Gibralter of the north, in a much weakened state, falls to superior Japanese might with a DE result. In Shantung, Lini is surrounded and captured. An armoured/motorised force based on the 9/5 Mtn X heads towards Tunghai and the KS Cav XX heads towards Taming. Weak X’s and Manchukuo X’s spted by Arty units advance to the canal of Weishan Hu. In Shanghai, the International Cantonment is taken following bitter hand to hand fighting (EX) and cadred CA units flee to the western hex of Shanghai.

Chinese Player Turn

With the shattering of Shantung, CA units are rushed to form some defences around Tungshan and the numerous rivers of North Kiangsu. A couple of 3-5 spted XX’s are sent to defend the Grand Ho canal and Old Hwang Ho. In Shanghai, units are fed into the maelstrom and fortifications continue to be dug.