Nov II 37

(Clear zone 12)

Japanese Player Turn

As expected a landing occurred at Yungkin in Chekiang by SNLF forces, pushing back the defending MSF XX’s in the port city into the surrounding mountains. Further to the north in Shanghai, another attack on the Northern hex of the city fails (AS). In Shangtung massive attacks are undertaken by Japanese forces to clear CA and Man XX’s south of Weihsien. Results are mixed, with some exchange results occurring but the balance being in the favour of the Japanese. In Hopei attacks on the Ting river line result in a number of AS results, but eastward several MNF and Hopei XX’s are destroyed in the canals and swamps. In Shansi the forces of the 10th Army rest, receiving reinforcements and replacements.

Chinese Player Turn

MNF units are flung into the line at Hopei, while in Shangtung assorted divisions and battlegroups are gathered together to try and stand up to the overwhelming force of the Japanese army. Elsewhere the Chinese remained on standby.


Analysis to date: Japanese forces should have been more aggressive early, especially getting over the river lines south of Peking in the first couple of turns. Shanghai is going to be a meat grinder for both sides, but with the losses to CA XX’s in the north, it is likely to hurt the Chinese more. The SNLF Landing at Yungkin seems to be a waste of time, and the forces there are now stranded with few options other than reinforce and fight across extensive mountains or withdraw. Shansi has been bloody to date for the Japanese Army, again testimony to the defensive nature of the terrain. Shangtung looks ready to be blown wide open in the new year, the only limiting factor being repairs to rail lines and coordination with the 2nd Army. For the Chinese, the first few months could have been a lot worse, but some stubborn defence by CA Supported XX’s and careful use of Artillery regiments on the numerous river lines of Hopei has delayed the japanese. The only downside is the current staus of Hopei forces (the loss of 15 and a half REs in one turn was a real killer, it weakened the defence line at a critical period). Kwangtung remains uncooperative. As usual, the fall of the dice in factional rolls is playing an important part in the game.