Sep I 37

(Mud Zone 12, clear elsewhere)

Political Events

The political stability roll for China is good and remains at level four. An internal assasination attempt on the warlord of Hopei is successful and a pro-japanese clique seizes power! The local KMT/CA general unsuccessfully attempts to bargain with the new ruling elite of the Hopei administraion, but supplies of weapons and precious stones go unrewarded (bribes fail) and Hopei becomes uncooperative. 13 infantry XX, 1 cavalry XX and assorted brigades are scrapped rather than the valuable CA XX’s they are stacked with.

Japanese Player Turn

Kalgan is taken in a bitter exchange of forces, but the north is now freed up for further attacks. Numerous attacks occur along the Yang and Muchang Rivers. All attacks along the Yang river result in AS results, much to the frustration of the Japanese, who wonder whether the spirit of Bushido has been transferred to the defending Chinese. The only exceptions to the failed attacks are a 1:1 attack by a scratch group of MG and Engineer units and artillery forces against a CA and Hopei XX’s which results in a DR, an attack along the Machang River by the 5th Mnt and 10th Lt XX’s which results in a DR and an attck by a mixed group of units based around the 16th Lt XX at the junction of the Chema and Tang Rivers. This destroys the defending Manchurians and advances. In other good news, the 20th Lt does not run from battle (AS).

In Shantung, an amphibious landing by the brigades of the 14th Lt XX at Chefoo results in a HX against the Shantung 22nd XX. The Provincial ruler is quoted as being shocked and saddened by this turn of events. The Japanese consul points out he should have taken the Japanese bribe in July. Follow up units exploit into the port. At Wosung, Japanese marines and units of the 11th Lt XX and engineer forces, supported by the big guns of the IJN hammer at the CA 46th XX. Air cover is provided by carrier units and the CA unit is forced back, to the great relief of the Japanese command who feared facing a wall of supported divisions along the coast. Units are landed to bolster the Wosung defences. Medals are awarded to all successful commanders (except the 20th Lt).

Chinese Player Turn

CA XX’s fall back to behind the Chema Riverwhile the Japanese bridgehead over the Machang is blocked in. Shangtung units advance to Chefoo to limit the potential for japanese advances with the 5th and 3rd Warfronts moving to Weisien. In Central China, CA forces ready themselves to defend Shanghai. In Shansi, retreating units tear up rail lines and ready themselves for the defence of their prepared positions.